Friday, March 17, 2017

"Hidden Figures" | Movie is Definitely on the List

"Hidden Figures" features three black women who were on the NASA All-Star team for mathematics and extraordinary ability.  The amazing part is how early in America's history this was happening since no-one heard of such a thing in the Fifties yet NASA was already doing it.  This has been fascinating me for some while and there's another example today.  (Ithaka:  NASA: In 1955, Annie Easley Was Way Ahead of Her Time)

Annie Easley was not one of the three in the "Hidden Figures" movie but, as a human computer, she easily could have been.  The concept of a human computer is new to me although it shouldn't surprise me to discover NASA has known about them forever.  This is like Data from Star Trek only they're real.

Note:  I have no idea which Star Trek.  After a while, I lost interest in all the different flavors.  They run the risk of doing that with Star Wars as well and I've read "Rogue One" did a good job of it but we'll see how that goes over time in keeping the story lines interwoven.

Maybe some of you are fans of the Dragonriders of Pern and Anne McAffrey's stories about them may have done the best job of interweaving multiple books along the same story line since I lost count after ten in the "Dragonflight" series.

The interest in the "Hidden Figures" movie is only tangentially in consideration of human computers since it's one of the favorite movie themes with people making good when it seems like it's impossible.  That's cute in a kid's movie in which the band gets discovered and makes it big, etc but this one was real.

It's not likely we can get a really good look at how it was since I was just a kid in the Fifties and I wasn't even in the same country so I don't really know how it was.  Inevitably Hollywood will cosmetize it to some extent and they even do that with bad situations which can make them absurdly unrealistic but we shall see on how this one is carried.

The movie looks like it carries five stars from Lotho so there's considerable boost to the idea it delivers.  It's still in active distribution just now so I may not be able to hijack a copy just now, tho.

Surprising.  There was a copy available and it may not be authentic but it's traveling by that name.  Sometimes in P2P you will find movies uploaded under different names but it's not frequent.  It may be one someone filmed with a cellphone and those just have to be dumped from the first frame.

We shall see.

Check.  Movie is in the bag.

The general progression is to go through the rest of the video about the Dark Ages.  Then there's a video about horse training or horse whispering which also focuses on life management and that will segue to the human computers at NASA.

It looks like this will get a little bit weird and, yes, I like that quite a bit.

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