Friday, March 17, 2017

"Why Don't We Just Get Drunk and Screw" Live | Jimmy Buffett

It's freaking me out.  Jimmy Buffett looks like Joe Biden.

Someone shoot me ... or ...

Jimmy Buffett always did strive for truth in lyrics and none ever hit it closer than this one.

I know Mystery Lady remembers this one so here's the scene.  It was at the Riverbend stage along the shore of the Ohio River in Cincinnati.  This part of the country was one of the world's great forests and you're in the middle of a beautiful part of it in this location since it's not all gone.

It's an evening concert and maybe there were fireflies since those are the kinds of bugs which would turn out for a Buffett show; skeeters just aren't cool enough.  They won't wear the hats.

There are colors everywhere and there are seats up front by the stage but there's all kinds of room to sit around and behind them on the grass.  You don't have to walk to your seat if you have one since you can float there on all the marijuana smoke when there are more stoners than you will ever see at one time in your life.

Yes, Mystery Lady, I still have that little parrot and he's hanging from a mike stand here.  He's a smile every time I see him.


Anonymous said...

And now there's an Assisted Living coming to Florida......ML :}

Anonymous said...

P>S> I can just imagine a sing-a-long activity evening! "Why don't we get drunk and screw" and serving "special brownies" and punch. I planned activities and I know this would be a hit!! ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

How about this in meeting some people from Europe who don't speak English well. They're freaks but they don't know the language that well yet. With special brownies, a bit of the devil rum, and teaching them that song could make for one falling down funny evening. I'm in for that any old time!