Friday, March 17, 2017

Whether the Donald Trump Fifties Will Be Worse than the First Time Around

The Fifties in America gave one shitty time to be here what with the Communist witch hunts, open racial hatred, and a CIA which was already out of control.  There were good times with economic prosperity but there was almost nothing about the Fifties which the people of the Sixties did not want to change and eventually we did with much of it.

The parallel between the Fifties back then and the Communist / Russian witch hunting now is unmistakeable and there are four Russians under arrest right now for the current favorite of Russian hacking.  The generic excuse of previous times was, well, the computer is running slow today.  Now it's because Russians hacked it and fucked it up.

There has never been a slow production computer; there is only shitty software.  That problem never changed.

America in the Fifties was awash in unchallenged religion and times were good for Christian America.  It appears there are many who are nostalgic for that and, if those churches did only what churches do, I would be nostalgic with them but they don't.

In the interim, the churches turned political and then they're not churches anymore.  There's no way to take them back to the Fifties for that reason but they're trying now in any case.  There's a whole lot of nostalgia steaming these old geezers and it doesn't help them think any more clearly.

Ed:  you get nostalgic!

Like hell I do as I don't even miss the reefer from that time since it's much better quality today.  It would be better if my parents didn't die and there are still things I would like to ask my sister too but that goes way past nostalgia.

The nostalgia for Andrew Jackson, mythical dreams of Christian unity, or some other fantasy from the past you can see, in sum, on a build so then comes the question of whether it will be worse than the last time.  The KKK was strong in that time and I have not seen them as strong since they started getting brazen over the last twenty-thirty years.

There's a whole lot of rubbish thinking which is enjoying a resurgence and it's simplest to blame Trump but it goes way past him.  In my view, this started turning around the time of Reagan but that would be hard to validate.  It's enough for the point that Trump didn't do this alone although his provincialism is doing nothing to ameliorate it.

Obama betrayed me with false promises (e.g. I will bring the troops home) and Trump has betrayed Lotho in his pitch of rational government when instead he brought a squad of Goldman Sachs 'yes men' and there's little expectation of anything except dogma and destructiveness from him plus he's not doing anything about the national debt except making it worse.

Note:  that assumes Lotho voted for him and I don't know that.  He might have.  Regardless, the situation is the same since I've seen in Comments lately he is annoyed with the mess in Washington as well.

There is zero change of heart in the Rockhouse.  There's no way to re-package Hillary Clinton into anything which demonstrates any authentic interest in humanity and I will never vote for her no matter how far she crawls.  The Rockhouse sees her as the reason we are stuck with Trump and she will never be forgiven.

There are various valid shots to fire at Eisenhower but he was never a vandal and a measure of that which Donald Trump is doing now is nothing but vandalism in terms of backing out EPA regulations, destroying science budgets, and that egregiously stupid wall he wants which is now formalized for $6.1 billion in his budget plan.

The GOP is predictable to a fault and every one of the card-carrying Republicans is polishing up his speech to pitch, "See, you should have voted the straight Republican ticket since now you see what you get."

It appears they will shift more dogmatic and Paul Ryan is the strongest evidence of that when there isn't a lick of imagination in him and never has been.  Trump has some minimal imagination but it's blinded his greed and his narcissism.  The Easter Island GOP will be going after Trump with all guns in 2020 and it will a surprise to see him pull off a second term.

Ed:  Easter Island?

Stiffer than a pogo stick inserted through the rear ingress.

Ed:  I'm not gay and that is not an ingress!

You're also apparently not an Easter Island Republican.  It's for pogo sticks and they use them.

If anything, this go at the Fifties could be worse and this time people will fight so maybe there's some way to head that off.  The potential for civil war was recognized during Obama's administration and he failed altogether in adequately dealing with it.  Instead of taking the reason for it head-on, he sent billions in military equipment to police forces.

The Rockhouse doesn't want to see a fight and there's nothing coy in suggesting something I don't want to see.  There's a valid case for why it could happen and I want to see some valid cases for actions to ensure it does not (e.g. demilitarize American police forces).  The heavy-handed behavior of SWAT units is an almost guaranteed civil war flashpoint since people are so fed-up with cop violence it will only take one time too many.

Until I see a resolution which does not involve waving weapons in the air, I'm not taking much of this seriously except in terms of observation of the destructiveness and psychopathy of it.

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