Sunday, March 12, 2017

Luxury Highway Touring for Going Off the Road plus Index of Articles

The Patriot X1 Camper is a stretch for running with the other vehicles in the series of different ways of Luxury Highway Touring but there is superlative ingenuity in the design of it.

The designers achieved astounding functionality which collapses to less than the size of a VW Beetle and can be taken anywhere your vehicle can manage to tow it.  The luxury in this context is a radically different kind from the others but nevertheless is huge to many people.

As the narrator was rattling through the extraordinary features, I got a sinking feel on cost and it starts at about $25K (unknown if AU dollars).  (CamperTrailer Australia:  PATRIOT X1 CAMPER REVIEW)

Even if you're not in the market for such a vehicle, you may be interested to see the capability of the camper, particularly since it folds down to such a tiny thing.

Note:  maybe you remember "Glory Road" by Robert Heinlein which described Star's case, an exceptional storage device since it was larger on the inside than the outside.  The Patriot X1 seems like that.

The case was actually an extra-dimensional space but that's a little too weird for camping.

One of the biggest parts of the pitch is the Patriot X1 is tough and you can take it anywhere.  If it's your purpose to go far North to look at grizzly bears, this is the kind of portable habitat you may need although anyone who goes near a grizzly bear should seriously acquire the perspective of being nothing more than food.

The thinking about articles in this series came from different ways to get out roaming.  I hear frequently of how people want to do some wandering but then it comes which is the best way to do it.

For some, luxury is being able to stick your toes in the mud five hundred miles from the nearest outpost.  For others, luxury is having a king-size bed in the back of the bus.  There's no good answer for what's best so I started looking through a smorgasbord.

Index to the previous articles in this series about 'going walkabout:'

Custom-built trailer

This one has no application in off-road but it's a portable house.

Ithaka:  How About a Tiny House Which is Actually an RV for Cadillac Man


The vehicle will go anywhere.

Ithaka:  Humvee is OK for Girls and Children but Here's a Vehicle for the Macho Muchacho

Custom-built on a military truck frame

Built to go almost anywhere although probably not as extreme as the TGM-126.

Ithaka:  Maybe the Coolest RV Ever and this One is Killer, Cadillac Man

Continuing with vehicles which will never go off the road

Ithaka:  One More Way for Cadillac Man to Go Walkabout for About Half a Million

Ithaka:  Luxury Highway Touring for a Million Bucks or So

Ithaka:  Luxury Highway Touring for When a Million is Too Chintzy for You

Ithaka:  Luxury Highway Touring You Might Be Able to Afford

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