Friday, March 10, 2017

Maybe the Coolest RV Ever and this One is Killer, Cadillac Man

Martin and Bethany have built one exceptional vehicle and, on first glance, it's kind of ugly but it's radically cool inside.  It's got easily the best kitchen of any RV I ever saw.

Don't dismiss it too quickly due to expense since that aspect is remarkable.  The frame is an ex-military vehicle which they bought as surplus for about ten grand.  The price of the rear cabin wasn't clear but call that, say, twenty grand, and you've got one major vehicle for less than someone might pay for a Dallas Cowboys tribute truck and those damn vehicles don't do much of any special thing.

Call it another ten grand for the various equipment such as a refrigerator, freezer, solar on the roof, etc and the total cost of the vehicle comes in at about forty grand.  That estimate is seriously loose but you see the logic and the interested traveler may wish to pursue further for more detail.

I was kind of tickled from the top since they started rolling about in a custom Sprinter van.  It was much prettier than mine but it was a smile to see them start that way.

Usually for the super-deluxe buses, they're owned by richie slackers who just need a place to toot their coke while they roll to somewhere else.  They're designed for great comfort but more for traveling than for staying anywhere.

This Ultimate Expedition Vehicle takes the opposite approach and they can drive this vehicle just about anywhere they like.  It has full four-season capability with heating and cooling.

One of the most horrible aspects of RV life is dealing with the poo yet this vehicle has a composting toilet which makes it easy and, better yet, zero smell.  There are other similarly deft implementations and the shower is excellent that way as well.  The washer and dryer are outstanding and are surprisingly large.

The main impression from the vehicle was comfort and a lotta, lotta space.

Martin and Bethany give us some of their philosophy about why and these are some sharp cookies.  There's one fast note on that since they observe they have not paid a mortgage in years.  They are not making any kind of nihilistic escape but rather they have specific objectives and they're living them.

High five and best of luck to Martin and Bethany.


Cadillac Man said...

Frosty gives this one Four Paws. I give it an UH UH!. Being old dogs we like all the conveniences.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Good job, Frosty. Same here as this one turned out to be my favorite. It's extremely well appointed and you could drive it just about anywhere for not so much money.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing 50 cents a mile just in fuel same as any RV

Peas InOurThyme said...

Sure it's a lot but this one will go just about anywhere. It seems they live on the road but I wasn't clear on how they subsidize that.

Anonymous said...

some people are just rich and do want they want how they want.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I understand but going this far with it seems like spending money just because you can rather than because you have any kind of sense.