Saturday, March 11, 2017

Luxury Highway Touring for a Million Bucks or So

There is information in the video but you may want to strangle the speaker who assumes the most insufferably pompous pose and sounds like his accent came from "Cockney for Dummies."

The Foretravel Realm FS6 is a seriously high-ticket bus so you can expect some blue smoke and imperial music to start the set.  That passes and then you can get on to taking a look at the vehicle.

Before you get too festive about this bus, I looked around to discover what such a vehicle costs.

Wowzer ... $813,000.   (RVTrader:  2018 FORETRAVEL REALM FS6 LUXURY VILLA BUNK (LVB) 2 FULL BATHS)

The first Rockhouse impression is the Realm FS6 is probably highly cool for the first season but then it leaks like a Tennessee rainstorm after that.

There are two couches, each of which has an extender, but those weren't enough so they added two more resulting in four extensions on the sides of the bus to give an increase in living space.

How many seasons do you think those seals will remain effective for those extenders, huh?

That fake fireplace is just pitiful.  Every fake fireplace ever made was designed to look cheap.

The appointments are luxy since you get walnut instead of some 'lesser' wood or synthetic and you get leather instead of some other substitute so this things give kind of a hotel swank to it.  The place is as homey as a science lab but it does look comfortable.

Some of the luxury goes to insane lengths since the master bedroom has a king-size bed, a huge sink, a walk-in cedar closet, etc, etc.

Lotho was commenting earlier about how the music gods love touring in these buses since they can work as mobile dressing rooms.  That's one world of use for a bus like this with high-dollar heavies who really aren't going to see anywhere but rather are trying to cover tour dates and they're not likely to ever get near any campgrounds.

However, in the ad it mentioned how such a vehicle is wonderful for a family and that got a wtf reaction.

More than likely, most public beaches wouldn't let you take this bus anywhere near them.  No need to flog the difficulty in finding legal places to park such vehicles since likely you know that already.

I'm not really getting how such a bus works for a family when there's zero focus in the design toward the windows.  Everything is centered around entertaining internally rather than deriving anything from outside all that much.

All in all, the bus looks cool if you're a richie music god who can afford it ... at least until it starts leaking.


Anonymous said...

These same RV'S fill the lots at Music Festival all over the country

Peas InOurThyme said...

Holy mackerel! Even with twenty years of payments, it would be a bitch to pay for such a thing (not that payments are a good idea for anything).