Friday, March 17, 2017

Do You Still Wear Flowers in Your Hair

If you're going 
to San Francisco
Be sure to wear
some flowers in your hair

- Scott MacKenzie

© Vitaliy Belousov / Sputnik

Such a picture is usually attacked by statists who will tell you these people don't really want to be there and their feet are in toe presses to force them to conform.

However, those of you who are actually adults may appreciate the transformation Russia has been undergoing and Putin's popularity seems to be booming.

The percentage of Russians who consider their country to have significant influence in the international arena has a reached historical high of 86 percent, state-run public opinion research center VTSIOM reported.
This is up from 75 percent last year, VTSIOM researchers stated in a report released on Wednesday. Over the same period, the number of ‘skeptics,’ or those who feel that Russia has little influence on international politics, fell from 18 to 10 percent, they added.

The report also reveals that the amount of ‘skeptics’ was slightly higher among those who described themselves as supporters of non-parliamentary opposition parties and people who reported their material situation to be ‘bad’ or ‘very bad.’

Russia Today: Record-high number of Russians think their country has significant international clout

The perception Russians gain of the value of their country in the international community may come from something like their humanitarian support for Yemenis.  (RT:  Russian humanitarian aid arrives in Yemen)

© russianmission / Facebook

It shouldn't take a solar-powered news pundit to see how Russia has changed places with America in these behaviors.  Obama, Clinton, and Trump have been relentless in supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons to slaughter Yemenis and that's a fair use of the word when the Yemenis have little or no ability to fight back.  Meanwhile, Russia supplies humanitarian aid.

Ed:  I'm sick of America bashing!

When you find some, do let me know.  Meanwhile, America is doing a bad job in the Middle East.  You know it and I know it.  Any time the full strength of the U.S. military is insufficient to defeat in twenty years a bunch of tribal yokels in pickup trucks, you either have incompetence or a worthless military.  In what other way can that arithmetic work.

I'm not bashing America and it probably would do a better job of it ... if it had any idea what it's trying to do.

In a side bit of almost profound irony, the only one on Trump's Cabinet who accepts the inherent threat in climate change in terms of security considerations is "Mad Dog" Mattis as all the others, as far as I can tell, are the typical denialists which are so prevalent among that rich, non-scientific ilk.

I tell you what, Mad Dog.  You're cracking me up, buddy.  Did you ever wear any flowers in your hair?

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