Friday, March 10, 2017

How About a Tiny House Which is Actually an RV for Cadillac Man

You will probably like the li'l crumpet, Ana White, who gives the tour of the tiny house and she's an inventive lass given the ideas she has brought to the construction.

Take a look at the build to decide whatever you like about her tiny house but keep in mind this is a trailer and it's on wheels (i.e. it's an RV).

There was another look at a tiny house yesterday and neither Lotho nor I thought much of it except it was a clever construction.  However, this one is on wheels for a whole different game.  (Ithaka:  Awesome $4,500 Completely Off-Grid Tiny House ... But Is it Value)

Parts I don't like about this one:

- the angled roof only wastes space since it is not usable and adds nothing much I would value

- when one side of the roof is higher than the other, that begs for problems from low-hanging bridges and overpasses

- the vehicle is heavily-committed to street power since there's no evident use of solar for power nor are there batteries for storage

- the open space in the center is pretty but is specifically non-utilitarian and I see that as wasteful as well


- it couldn't be more than twenty degrees outside and yet the li'l crumpet is comfortable inside wearing a t-shirt.  I somehow managed to miss the method for heating but you can see it works.

- the elevator bed is a trick idea

While I haven't posted a walk-through of a bus conversion, there are some exceptional examples people have built.  Those are interesting as well toward the overall theme of Cadillac Man Goes Walkabout.

For going walkabout, even today likely millions hit the road in the classic Ford camper.  It's relatively inexpensive but durable and high function for such a small vehicle.  They're not off-road vehicles but they can go far deeper than the basic KOA campground.

Models of campers can now be found in everything up to Greyhound buses and then the million-dollar class beyond that.  Those vehicles have supreme mobile luxury and high function but they're extremely limited since they can't go much of anywhere.

In a confused state for going walkabout are tiny houses since they're on walkabout insofar as they reject society and they walk away from it.  That's all very well for Sociology but we're interested in the road and the wheels are the separator for the tiny house now.

How about Cadillac Man goes walkabout with a tiny house.  Maybe he would need an F-350 to pull it but that setup would do it to get him on the road.  Whether it's the best way is his call but it looks like a novel approach to me.


Cadillac Man said...

The tiny house is nice but likely wouldn't fit in the spot occupied by the van down by the river. Ana is very cute and Frosty is willing to follow her anywhere. Alas, for me the Ford camper is the more practical traveling abode.

Peas InOurThyme said...

The Ford camper is a great one, worked for millions. Using one of those and a motel every 'x' number of days to get spruced could be very cool while you cover a whole lot of ground.

Anonymous said...

I saw this video a couple of weeks ago. That gal made use of every inch and must have had a blast at Home Depot! ML