Friday, March 10, 2017

One More Way for Cadillac Man to Go Walkabout for About Half a Million

This last in the series of 'tiny houses' is the ultimate for grandiloquence in travel.  It looks like these monsters go for at least a third of a million dollars and that's just the starting price.  Upgrading the extras will no doubt cost more than a pretty penny.

The only thing I take from this is, wow, these richies must really, really hate flying.

A bus is as limited as you can get for a normal road vehicle since they're tremendously restricted as to where they can go either by law or by physical limitation.

The Tuscany bus in the example really doesn't provide anything more than we see in the tiny houses, expedition vehicles, etc in previous articles here.  The appointments are much more expensive and that fridge is outrageously cool but there's not a substantial functional difference in the devices; each thing is just larger and is arguably more attractive.

The previous example of the Ultimate Expedition Vehicle was my favorite and that one looks like it would cost maybe forty grand.  One of the deluxe buses will easily cost ten times that much so, oh, yeah, dig that value.  (Ithaka:  Maybe the Coolest RV Ever and this One is Killer, Cadillac Man)

The beauty part was the fake fireplace.  Kee-ist.  I bet Yogi Bear will really love that touch.


Cadillac Man said...

Alas, Cadillac Man is retired now and never achieved Rock God status. However, if I become reincarnated as one this is Mi Casa. Matter of fact that is what I will name it. I go now in search of the Dali Lama. UH!

Peas InOurThyme said...

I don't think anyone hit the billion-dollar bus league but it was interesting to see it. The Dalai Lama might even dig that expedition vehicle and you could drive that to his door for a tenth the cost.

Anonymous said...

At $500k, you are at the low end of the Rock God RVS. Here in Nashville, a primo tour bus/RV is 7figures at least.
There is company right up the street that rents and sells them. Most of the musicians use them more as travelling dressing rooms for smaller venues.
Please stop for Bonnaroo and see the largest mass of RV's in the country.
Every RVs that can can be rented is and then set up and rented for the upscale festival goer. Thousands of them but I digress.
If it does have a 70" motorized drop down TV it isnt even beginning.

Most of the racers round here use them at the track. And the Nascar driver take these to extreme. Utube Dale Jr's RV about $2M
Upside for these is excellent resale
Best place to buy one is Scottsdale
You can be in a reasonable one for about $150k Ask Doc I thought he used one at the track and tailgating for sports events
I hope to roll this way in a few more years. Take a right out of the driveway and come back a couple of years later.

Peas InOurThyme said...

There sure seems to be some radical comfort in one. It would even be safe to sleep over in rest areas since I imagine the security on those buses is excellent and they don't have that many doors anyway.

Would it even be legal to park one on your land way outside the city?

That would be some outrageous stylin' and I can't know of the skills of their drivers but I've seen some of those big buses really scooting when they run down the highway.

Anonymous said...

Two of my neighbors have them in their driveways.
Security is lax. At the truck stop, they used to use hoses to pump NO2 into the truck cabs then break in as the drivers sleeping in the cabs were now inert

Peas InOurThyme said...

Holy shit! I was figuring you would be relatively secure in such vehicles at truck stops and rest areas but that doesn't appear to be the case. I guess it's not a big problem judging by how many you see tooling around but dayum!

Anonymous said...

I believe they are as safe as home. Most people know what is inside and who

Peas InOurThyme said...

The security aspect is whether they can be penetrated by evildoers in the night and it surprised me to hear of people getting close enough to big rig trucks to be able to push nitrous into the cab.

Without smashing something, I doubt anyone will get into a bus due to the lever required to open the front door but I don't think so many even use one of those anymore. I suspect those big-ticket buses are the easiest to secure but I haven't heard much mention of such things.