Thursday, July 20, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/21

If you weren't worried about terrorist fish yet, it's time.  (CNN:  A smart fish tank left a casino vulnerable to hackers)

Maybe if they had ever really had a health care plan, this would make more sense.  (CNN:  House Republicans are fuming they can't get things done)

There's some snazzy news for HyperLoop since the government is giving a verbal approval.  (  Musk says government likes plan for high-speed tunnels)

Wherever there's an eighteen-hour orgasm, a book probably isn't far behind.  (Daily Mail:  Couple claim they can orgasm for up to 18 hours just from HUGGING or dancing in the rain - and they've shared three simple steps for other couples to do the same)

It won't take an earthquake to bring down the Millennium Tower; a good windstorm should do it.  (Treehugger:  Millennium Tower Tilting Two and a Half Inches More This Year)

A smart cop plants evidence to ensure a conviction and a genius cop has his body camera active while he does it.  (Digg: Baltimore Cop Doesn't Realize His Body Camera Is Filming, Films Himself Planting Drugs At Crime Scene)

Some of the most dangerous people in Africa are ... Pentecostal preachers.  (BoingBoing:  Two people drowned in river baptisms)

There's one sure way to get a tingle in Dingle.  (AOL:  Fishermen catch an extremely rare sea giant and its size is seriously unsettling)

Meet BG Kumbi, a Prophet for Antifa ... and he looks about fifteen.  Enjoy the fun at the family dinner table with this rascal.  (RT:  ‘AntiFa leader Kevin’ trolls Fox News with bizarre TV interview (VIDEO))

Trump makes it unanimous and now no-one anywhere has any use for Jeff Sessions.  (The Guardian: Trump condemns Sessions: 'I wouldn't have hired him' – audio)

The bad news is O.J. is now free but the good news is now there's a replacement for Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  (The Guardian:  OJ Simpson granted parole after serving nine years of armed robbery sentence)

Note:  he can fund campaigning for it with the money he never paid Fred Goldman.

Jake Tapper did wonders for CNN.  (Observer:  It’s Official: Majority of Americans Get Their News From Fox)

Putting Gayle Newland in jail with a bunch of lonely women sure will punish her.  (RT:  Woman who used prosthetic penis to assault blindfolded female friend jailed for 6yrs)

Big win for solos on aircraft but Father Knows Best isn't too pleased.  (RT:   New York family of 5 kicked off JetBlue flight (VIDEOS))

Here's a sure way to get the trucks to move:  shoot out their tires.  Tip:  Florida.  (WDBO 96.5: ANGRY FLORIDA MAN SHOOTS OUT TIRES OF AT&T TRUCKS PARKED OUTSIDE HIS HOME)

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