Monday, July 17, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/18

If not enough lawsuits from malpractice, doctors, branch out and try this.  (Yahoo:  Why Did This Woman’s Doctor Think It Was Funny to Call Her ‘Aunt Jemima’?)

If you're looking for a cop who respects the Fourth Amendment, this is not the story for you.  (HuffPost:  Man Confronts N.J. Officer Searching Van Apparently Without Permission)

For this much stupid, alcohol had to have been involved.  Check out the launch path since this was a difficult shot.  The French judge scored it at 8.9.  (RT:   SUV lands on top of house after bizarre crash (VIDEOS, PHOTOS))

How much are you loving NAFTA just now.  Smoke 'em if you got 'em, my brothers and sisters.  (RT:  $1mn worth of marijuana smuggled into US in new Ford cars built in Mexico)

It doesn't take a hacker to crash the grid; a baboon can do it.  Bonus punchline:  it lived.  (RT:  Baboon blackout: Problematic primate causes massive power cut in Zambian town)

Darwin was robbed today in Ottawa.  Welcome to the Too Dumb to Die Club, young pilot.  (RT:   Cyclist smashed by oncoming vehicle after running red light (VIDEO))

Wall Street is happy to help our humble public servant, Barack Obama, as he makes a damn fool of himself.  (Observer:  The Obamas Stayed in the Most Exclusive Villa at This Bali Resort)

Obama isn't through making a farce of his Presidency.  Show me the money, high rollers.  (Observer:  Obama Rakes in Donors as Democrats Free Fall Into Irrelevance)

If you really don't like being seen in public anyway, consider one of these gaudy as hell engagement rings.  (Observer:  Today’s Engagement Rings Are Both Trendy and Timeless)

Note:  a couple were tasteful but mostly they looked like Woolworth's.

When he starts talking about Helter Skelter, look out.  (Fox:  R. Kelly accused of housing a 'cult' of women in shocking report)

For every anti-Constitutional thing on your wish list, Jeff Sessions has it covered.  (RT:  War on crime: AG Sessions calls for return to forfeitures, ‘broken windows’ policing)

Definitely today's best deal on a Lighthouse with a Ghost.  The murder was a long time ago, right?  (Sun:  NO MAN'S LAND Idyllic Scottish island boasting a six-bed lighthouse cottage with no neighbours seems the perfect place to escape the rat race as it hits market for £325k – but it’s hiding a chilling secret)

Tip:  how would the ghost ever get off the island?

The bad news is Hillary Clinton.  The answer to the bad news is more bad news with Kamala Harris.  She's got a whole pack of high-dollar hound dogs on her trail and liking it just fine.  (Observer:  Clinton Donors Have Picked Their 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee)

It's unclear how Trump will worsen climate change by Arctic drilling since Obama signed off on it as well so the general US climate mismanagement mudstorm stays about the same.  (Observer:  Trump Worsens Climate Change Risks With Latest Arctic Drilling Approval)

Australia got its guns under control but an Australian woman came to America to get married and teach yoga ... and a cop shot her dead.  (The Guardian:  Australian Justine Damond shot dead by US police in Minneapolis)

How about if we sweeten the deal with trips to Disneyland for the kids?  It looks like Brits are now aware how badly they got stroked on the F-35.  (RT:  ‘Appallingly bad’ F-35 fighter jets to cost Britain £150bn – aviation analyst)

Tony Blair poisoned the Labour Party yet he keeps shooting off his yap.  (RT:   Tony Blair admits Jeremy Corbyn could be Britain’s next PM)

The mass Naked Green Hat Swim attracted 789 swimmers ... and countless thousands in the audience.  (RT:   Mass naked swim breaks skinny dipping world record (PHOTOS))

Holy shit!  They're being treated like they treat Palestinians in Gaza.  This is awful.  (RT:   Police ‘betray’ Jews as anti-Semitic hate crime soars – report)

America just likes being the Fairy Godmother.  (RT:  Iranian FM says ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda get their money & ideology from US allies)

Asking how low they will go to discredit Socialism has no answer since there's no limit to the depths of their empty souls.  (Fox:  Jane Sanders cries sexism in bank-fraud accusations as GOP hits back)

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