Friday, July 14, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/15

If you lived in Mississippi, would you stay there?  (Sun Herald:  Mississippi leads the U.S. in losing millennials)

So much art destroyed, all in the time it takes for a single selfie.  (Gizmodo:  Watch a Woman Destroy $200,000 Worth of Art While Taking a Selfie)

Well, there's a devilish idea which sounds remarkably like common sense.  (RT:  US mulls return of seized Russian diplomatic property ‘to give cooperation a chance’ – Trump aide)

Spiderman doesn't live up to expectations.  (Observer:  ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Doesn’t Measure Up to 2004’s Masterpiece)

In other news, apparently some Spiderman movie was considered a masterpiece.  File that with "Wonder Woman" as movies you never want to see.

Nancy Pelosi wants respect but hanging about with Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a sure way to know she will never get it.  (Observer:  Dems Help Debbie Wasserman Schultz Exploit Trump Resistance to Fix Corrupt Image)

The Guardian does its best to ensure liberal doesn't mean anything anymore.  (The Guardian:  Under siege by liberals: the town where everyone owns a gun)

The actual reality check is realizing how many Einsteins thought there was a chance of impeaching Trump in the first place.  (The Guardian:  Here's a reality check: this Trump Jr storm will not lead to impeachment | Trevor Timm)

Thank a stoner if you can read in Colorado.  (RT:   Colorado weed sales top $100mn for 12th consecutive month)

Brits, stay home ... a helpful message from places your arrogant drunkie asses visit.  (BBC:  Balearic Islands ask EU for alcohol limit on flights)

Note:  possibly the Ugly American is being replaced by the Ugly Brit.

Another reason living in NewYork City is a really bad idea.  (Daily Mail:  'HIVE a surprise in my ceiling'! Woman who spots HONEY running down her walls is stunned to find 35,000 BEES living above her New York apartment)

Actually, I might offer this kid a job.  (Daily Mail:  Would you give this man a job? Unemployed father, 19, with 'DEVAST8' tattooed across half of his face complains nobody will employ him)

A man will stay straight or go completely bad when he's trying to take care of his baby.  Maybe the answers are to tell him to grow a beard, quit the bitching, and give him a chance.

Judge understands laughing at Jeff Sessions is inevitable and throws out the charges.  (RT:  Judge tosses out jury conviction of protester who laughed at Jeff Sessions)

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