Friday, June 9, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/9


Life - sometimes I get one right and it's clear we can agree ... no-one likes AI robos

#Photography - cool to see some pretty stuff in the list

Theresa May - bumps, Trumps, and gallumps on 6/8

Starless - sure you knew them a lifetime ago but this is now

Hyperloop - Euros are pushing it hard in mapping out loops for it to follow

Sixty Percent - regarding the boom town in electric cars but there's question coming from it in how long can it last so that needs a follow-up

Now - Ice-9 is Vonnegut's variation on water which will freeze the entire planet and now there are plastic-eating worms coming only these ones are real

Correction - regarding The Sanders Institute and the hotbed of progressive liberalism anticipated

What's Hot

Summer of Love - love like this may not be tracking so well just now but not for lack of trying and we have seen already people are capable of it

I do believe the new approach to Ithaka is effective in making it more approachable to the Regulars and Comments started coming out of that.  The number of daily articles now relative to the number churned out daily until recently is substantially-reduced and that appears to be effective so definitely keep that.

Today I could see I had the win with the Life May Suck article since I saw it immediately clicked with people and temptation is always to churn out more but let it ride, let it ride.

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