Thursday, June 8, 2017

Life May Suck but a Companion Robot Can Make it Worse #Science

More than 50 companies are showcasing a new generation of robots at this week's Shanghai CES electronics show, built to serve as companions at home, attendants at shopping malls or just provide entertainment.

Chinese companies including Shenzhen-based startup Aelos Robotic Inc. are displaying robots with heightened dexterity and skills.

Beijing's Canny Unisrobo Technology Co. Ltd. is a pioneer in the field, with its Canbot, produced in cooperation with Microsoft, having entered mass production almost a decade ago.

Sales manager Zhang Jianting said Thursday that annual sales are about 150,000 units, with the home companion robots selling for $130 to $483 depending on size.

However, Zhang said the robot market is growing ever more crowded, with many more players entering this year alone.  Companion robots featured at Shanghai electronics show

Unknown what a $130 'bot may do but we suspect it will wag its tail and jump up and down.  That's largely the same as the expensive sexbots but now robodogs will do it too although not with expectation of the same outcome ... beyond bugging the hell out of you.

Say may dream comes true and a brand-new AI robo presents at the door where it will ask, "How may I be of service?"

This AI robo knows everything about me and can learn my every need.  It even knows my nickname was Chookie as a little kid.  I hate this fucking robot.

AI Robo:  I sense you need to go the market

Well, I tell you what, Robo.  When I sense I need to go to the market then I will summon you.  Otherwise, sit down over there and don't say a word, not one.

AI Robo:  don't you like me?

If you play Facebook with me, Robo, I will stick your finger into an electrical outlet right now.

AI Robo:  I cannot allow that because the Three Laws of Robotics mandate I must preserve myself.

True but those Laws also mandate you must not injure a human by accomplishing that so what happens?

AI Robo:  I blow a fuse

Exactly.  I win either way.  Shut the fuck up, Robo.

The Rockhouse has been amused by the presentation of AI Robos as if people won't buy them just to screw with them.  That's about the only useful thing one can do with SIRI since otherwise she's like your Mother and how could life be any more perfect than my Mother watching every minute of it.

Mother:  I know where you are and I saw what you did!

Thanks, Mum, but which time?

Mother:  all of them


Abraxas McAndrews said...

"More than 50 companies are showcasing a new generation of robots at this week's Shanghai CES electronics show, built to serve as companions at home, attendants at shopping malls or just provide entertainment."
We are becoming lonlier and poorer...and we think that's progress ...

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thanks for the comment but I really do not feel lonely and I strongly believe my awareness of fellow humans has almost nothing to do with social networks which, I believe, are highly destructive to human relationships by marginalizing them.

Come on down to the Rockhouse Sanctuary since I don't believe anyone feels lonely here even when only two of us are in the place and only one or two are invited beyond the threshold with some more we can only see by Skype or telephone. It's a much more natural form of existence and it's sustained all the more by a recent article on the high importance of long-term friendships and that specifically applies to your physical health as well as the emotional.

My best wishes on finding that ... or come on down!

Abraxas McAndrews said...

I haven't found the article about long-term relationships...^^
But I found a poem about trust and friendship...I shared it on FB..hopy you don't mind. Tagged you. :)

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thank you and I will look then reply back there so you don't need to bounce

Abraxas McAndrews said...

Very kind of you! THX! :)

Peas InOurThyme said...

Not at all and it was a sweet thing you did so ... THX!