Friday, June 9, 2017

Theresa May's Flop, the 2018 Market Flip, and Some Salamanders #News (for J.M. on F.B.)

In descending priority

The Theresa May Fiasco

The arbitrary authoritarian despots of the world with their austerity programs as administered by such second-raters as Theresa May impose great hardship on their citizens but confer no substantive benefit beyond an illusory veil of security which anyone at Manchester can tell you does not work.

The thing we notice about austerity programs universally is they never apply to those imposing them.

It might have been more interesting for Theresa May to win because then we could watch that country's own racism eat itself while we roast marshmallows on the fire.  Scotland could only have been held militarily but that was another of the systems which collapsed due to May's incompetence.  At the moment May seems to be taking it much like Clinton who also did not have the good grace to go home.

Update:  there was just confirmation that, yes, Theresa May will play it exactly the same as Clinton and the bitch doesn't have the grace to go home.  Such is the difference between good grace and government.

The 2018 Stock Market Crash

Yesterday, Congress somehow managed to squeeze out some actual work although it was just more vandalism as they destroyed the Dodd-Frank regulations on the Big Banks.  The cleverness of restoring the uncontrolled banking environment of the pre-2008 era is sheer genius and particularly when the Dow Jones numbers are well over twice what they were when Bush left office.

America suffers from the same problem as England with runaway greed and racism but it has a large enough GDP to get away with it for the moment.  It won't last.  The reason the Rockhouse does not see it lasting is it does not maintain or improve its infrastructure. with the Hyperloop project even after America invented it and there was another article the day before about buses in China which do not need tracks.  England blazed that trail toward being a second-rate power and America is doing much the same thing or isn't as may be from your frame of reference.

The Senatorial Circus in Salacious State Slander

James Comey came out like the Senate's favorite trained seal and balanced a ball on his nose for hours.  He said, under sworn oath, he had leaked state information to the press without authority or direction to do it ... and the Senate did nothing.  The same thing has happened previously with other so-called Intel experts such as Keith Alexander and James Clapper since the Senate won't prosecute them no matter what they say.

We hear nothing coming out of Senate which is in any way real except for relentlessly pounding the need for war with Russia and the Rockhouse is fed-up to the gills with Washington politics being treated like a game show such as "The Dating Game" with the only moderation coming from "People" magazine.  Amazingly enough, a nuke war has no personalities; we all die ... even the richies.

Eric Trump Was in the News

And the title alone should tell you there was no other news yesterday but he was a case study in genetics in the context of the Charming gene which we see clearly now must be a recessive trait since neither of his sons got it.  They try to act like ol' Dad but only make fools of themselves.  They're rich fools but fools nevertheless.

Finally, there's Cenk Uygur from "The Jerky Turks"

Yesterday, Cenk Uygur finally made the mistake of saying perhaps three times quickly in a row as he expounded his latest absurdity and he instantly transformed to a giant sweaty chicken.  There's nothing left for that boy except Colonel Sanders.

Writing these types of articles isn't a high priority with me but J.M. on F.B. yesterday told me I have been her primary source for news.  That's not the first time I have heard such a thing and Laughing Gecko said that once as well.  The words don't result in the need for larger hats (i.e. to fit my expanding head) but they do show some level of need fulfillment.

As with multiple other foci within Ithaka, I believe running pieces such as these on a roll will make them faster to present, faster to digest, and then we can get on with our busy days.  Notwithstanding the appearance of Ithaka, I've been asleep since about eight p.m. so my busy day is only just starting ... or not.

So that should work, mates .... right, mates?  Keep it but contain it such that the political / current events content does not dominate Ithaka which I specifically do not want.  If approached in this manner, relief is a finger wiggle away as you scroll to the next article.

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