Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer of Love at Cat's MusikCircus Rescheduled to July 28/29/30 #music #secondlife

Maybe you remember the Summer of Love and some were still marking your heights on some pole or some such in the family house but it's within your frame of reference for three days of love and music and nothing but love and music.

Bringing out Barney the Dinosaur to cover songs which were performed at the original Woodstock would not be sexy; that would not be sexy at all as maybe it would turn out like the VH1 vision of Woodstock ... no, thanks.  Cat will bring Woodstock Now.

Cat let me know of some of the acts which will appear.  David Csizer is a Second Life veteran and he's probably a bit young to know directly of the Woodstock vibe but he does know the type of music to bring to the new Woodstock.

Kick back for a blissful review of looper mastery but the technology doesn't at all overwhelm the song which is largely focused on the vocal which is delivered beautifully.

Here's "Sleep," an original by David Csizer:

There's also Winston Ackland and some may identify him with a beautiful piano vibe but he goes well past that and here's an example.  Check out "I'm Always Falling Down" and "Annabel, Waiting" for extraordinary differences in style which clearly show the versatility of the musician.

Bruce Lash / Winston Ackland:  Bandcamp

Cat also mentioned Yadleen and Mylene whom I have featured here previously along with Pol Arida and all of whom bring special talents.  I do not have a video link but Suzen Juel will also perform which is a perfect complement to the vibe.  She writes a unique poetry and her voice is not an associative talent either insofar as it comes from inside her and then there's everything else.

More names in a list since Al Hoffman, Psiquence, Michi Renoir, and possibly Frogg Marlow will perform as well.  The first three are definite and only confirmation pends for Frogg.

Adding a month to the schedule gives me a better chance to be there and the reasoning is long and complex; it's just better and I'm glad of it since I would like to play there if at all possible.

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