Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hyperloop One Unveils Nine Proposed European Routes #Science

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Hyperloop One has unveiled nine possible routes for futuristic high speed travel across Europe, including a 90 kilometer journey across the Baltic Sea linking Estonia to Finland in just eight minutes.

The ambitious projects shortlisted for the Hyperloop One Global Challenge were revealed at its Vision for Europe event in Amsterdam, Tuesday.

RT:   Estonia to Finland in just 8 minutes: Hyperloop One unveils 9 proposed European routes (VIDEO)

The Rockhouse is fed-up with the bluster, bullshit, and bollocks about political personalities in the news since all that's really accomplished is obfuscation of things of major importance and achieving at least technological parity with the rest of the world, ideally, would be one of America's highest objectives.  No country ever became exceptional on Twitter.


That Vision for Europe is the segment in Germany where it serves all the major cities in one giant loop.

Resource for additional routes at HeavyLiftNews:  Video: Hyperloop One reveals nine potential European routes

The Rockhouse has no idea how well they will scale to handle the enormous number of people that would mean but that goes into the glory of systems theory with the capacity of each pod to carry people, their speed of travel, and how many need, etc, etc so where do I need most of my pods to focus most of their time.  That's the kind of math which gets people wearing bow ties.  Be careful out there ... but it's highly cool what you can do with it, bow tie or no.

You know well it's a put up or shut up world and much of that which is being put up (i.e. Senatorial posturing) only wastes our time relative to that which we need to put up in a global context.  Sooner or later, people will be wanting to travel intercontinental under the oceans so where will any given country be in relation to that.  Judging by the preparations above, it appears Europe will be ready.

The Rockhouse is not ignoring planned routes, etc in the US but one must search for them between mountains of political claptrap and see above about obfuscation.  The fact of that obfuscation, the Rockhouse submits, is clear evidence of the Illusion of Gravity.

The Rockhouse wants some real gravity and we see it will have Hyperloops in it so OK then ... get along, little dogie, get along.

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