Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/7


Racism - the ongoing measure of America's racial confusion but at least some try to resolve it

China - an extraordinary type of train in China and it doesn't need tracks

Are Friends - about the true health value of long time friends and it's not presented as a hard contrast to anything else but rather emphasizes the importance of something which is not considered much

The Soft - it's just fine to see one of the Colonel's poems in the list as it's cool to write them but it's a smile when anyone is interested to read them

The Declining - fishermen protest mightily at catch limits on lobsters but the numbers are declining and any farmer knows that's bad news

Wooden Ships - one of the finest anti-war protest songs ever written and this version is from 1970 but they got more electric with it in later years

No-One - Putin's candid manner gives reason to believe him, particularly when his words agree with every scientist in the world; there is no surviving a nuke war

Largest - an RC model aircraft with a 550cc motor and the pilot is exceptional with it ... the crew doing this remembers when having drones was just for fun

American - the international war over GMO products reaches an absurd level

Some #Photography - a cluster of photographs on a roll rather than multiple articles for a less manic approach to things and keep Ithaka more approachable for Regulars since the number of articles has been swamping people

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