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Are Friends Better for Us than Family? #Science | #Music

Before reading one other word, understand fully this not an article for the purpose of veiled spitefulness as my family can be fractious and some of that is evident on Ithaka.  However, likely almost all of us have heard the expression you are born with your family but you choose your friends.  The research pursues that so I was interested to discover what they found.

“Friendships become even more important as we age,” said William Chopik, a Michigan State University assistant professor of psychology whose study suggests friendships may actually be more important than family relationships.

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Chopik sounds somewhat surprised but the Rockhouse suspects we know this intuitively but may not be willing to admit it.

In a pair of studies involving nearly 280,000 people, William Chopik found that friendships become increasingly important to one’s happiness and health across the lifespan. Not only that, but in older adults, friendships are actually a stronger predictor of health and happiness than relationships with family members.

“Friendships become even more important as we age,” said Chopik, assistant professor of psychology. “Keeping a few really good friends around can make a world of difference for our health and well-being. So it’s smart to invest in the friendships that make you happiest.”

Science Daily:  Are friends better for us than family?

The Rockhouse is cool with it so far since it emphasizes what friendships are rather than whatever families may not be.

According to the first study, both family and friend relationships were linked to better health and happiness overall, but only friendships became a stronger predictor of health and happiness at advanced ages.

The second study also showed that friendships were very influential – when friends were the source of strain, participants reported more chronic illnesses; when friends were the source of support, participants were happier.

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The Rockhouse remains cool with it since this emphasizes the fact friendships can be heavily-destructive and it emphasizes the quality of one's friendships.  Possibly many of us tolerate toxic friendships for whatever reasons but the above indicates why it's not only a bad idea but can make you sick.  Really it states something we know intuitively but fair enough since it's well-spoken.

“There are now a few studies starting to show just how important friendships can be for older adults. Summaries of these studies show that friendships predict day-to-day happiness more and ultimately how long we’ll live, more so than spousal and family relationships,” he said.

Friendships often take a “back seat” in relationships research, Chopik added, which is strange, especially considering that they might be more influential for our happiness and health than other relationships.

“Friendships help us stave off loneliness but are often harder to maintain across the lifespan,” he said. “If a friendship has survived the test of time, you know it must be a good one – a person you turn to for help and advice often and a person you wanted in your life.”

- SD

Although I have copied probably more than constitutes fair use, I didn't want to live behind anything which was germane to the primary point of that which friendships bring and there's some explication of what families to do not but I didn't detect a tribal drum on that matter.  The interested student is invited to further review the source article and extend in your world as you wish.

There is one tribal drum for the Rockhouse, however, since this emphasizes the potentially destructive nature of wholesale collection of typically pseudo or shallow relationships online.  While that's touted as wholesome and healthful and, oh, gee, why don't you do it too, the converse is indicated by the article and the negativity from anything which turns toxic may well result in serious illness.

Ed:  are you seriously blaming your circumstance on that?

Nope but neither do I credit any participation in social networks with having helped in any way.

Some of you know the events of recent days so, wtf, I'll go for the fully monty weeper and it will probably whack me too but I'm willin'.  You know it's true.

Note:  yah, the audio sync is a little off ... roll with it.

Note:  Carol King wrote it and she wrote many of music's most popular and heartfelt songs.

I only made it a few bars into it before things started getting misty in here (larfs).

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