Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"The Softly-Scented Breeze" #Poetry #Marijuana

We enjoy the quiet beauty
from the softly-scented breeze
when we enjoy it with our freedom
and take it with great ease
but we're aware of a gathering rage
which doesn't matter all that much
since there's that ever present cloud
and it's only another charade

You can please the kids with balloons
or just throw them a grand parade
They'll whistle Dixie like they're champions
and think they've got it made
We can watch balloons parade today,
over-stuffed as if for Macy's,
but if you look through that phony tough
you'll find they're wearing lace

We don't need that in Sanctuary
we're free and know what comes
and it really doesn't matter what
since if it's war then all are done
There's no chance of survival
for anyone anywhere
and those who lust for parties
never seem to care

But that's not how we will live 
where we believe in being free
since fighting often goes far wrong
and then the freedom flees
We will not suffer any fighting
and we know we well may die
but freedom doesn't mean a thing
when others are not willing to try

So try we will and gladly
if a fool's life then let it be
since at least for this brief moment
we will enjoy feeling free
We enjoy the quiet beauty
from the softly-scented breeze
when we enjoy it with our freedom
and take it with great ease

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

As to where's the reefer ... think about it; the ganja is there.

Side-note:  the Regulars may notice every article today fits on the first page so all are accessible by scrolling and no page flips are necessary.  That may make Ithaka less attractive to Google rats but that's irrelevant in the face of the primary purpose to ensure the content is accessible to Regulars.

There's also a deliberate effort toward sending transient political spew to Twitter and specifically to keep it out of here.  That may make me like the Monster Hell Bitch online but it's irrelevant when they're not the ones who will ever come to help; in fact, they run.  There was an article earlier today on friendship and how online is specifically a bad place to look for it.  (Ithaka:  Are Friends Better for Us than Family? #Science | #Music)

That article has nothing to do with bashing families and I would have chucked it if it did.  However it strongly emphasizes the importance of real friendships such as those which have endured for years rather than the transient and often illusory type of friendship which manifests online.

I don't have any intention of posting further today but there is nothing wrong.  The number of reads will plunge but that doesn't mean anything either relative to the primary purpose.  I may have further word on that but I'm awaiting an update from the Martians; they work in mysterious ways as I'm sure you know.

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