Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Some #Photography on a Roll

Handan, China

A hospital staff member teaches children eye exercises at a primary school in Hebei province

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

We get it she does eye exercises but wtf exercises are those?  Children, now we will stick our fingers in our eyes to understand what imperialism means to an occupied country.

Vienna, Austria

Workers prepare the stage for the 24th Life Ball, a charity event supporting people with Aids and HIV, in front of the city hall

Photograph: Leonhard Foeger/Reuters

Lovely and well-framed photograph with a sensitive and important theme.  Delicious.

The fabulously named alien butt spider or, more commonly, outstanding orb-weaver.

Photograph: Robert Whyte

Who can possibly pass on the Alien Butt Spider and the sight of it shows us there's nothing else we ever want to know about such creatures.

Mother, you failed with these ones ... badly.  It doesn't appear any of them have exercised a day in their lives or do much of anything except drink beer and watch cartoons.  Anyone who walks around half-naked with an ugly ass pot belly like that is one seriously-damaged piece of cargo.

The Rockhouse has only seen static pictures of Smurfs and does not actually know what they do but we also confess we do not care what they do.  The ones pictured said they are Creationist Smurfs and they said they existed contemporaneously with Barney the Dinosaur.  Then they started singing and happy faces started coming out of them.  That's when I hit my head with an axe.

That will do it for today's edition of (drum roll w/fanfare) #Photography on a Roll.

The objective is to be somewhat less manic in the creation of new articles since that likely would be the biggest drag for the most loyal readers since scrolling through one screen might be ok for finding things but scrolling through three of them is bollocks.

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