Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"It Just Might Be Today" #Poetry

It's hard and getting harder
it gets worse all the time
I can fall right down inside that
or try to make a rhyme
which brings a smile to someone
it doesn't matter where
since there's always joy in giving
a smile to anywhere

She said you both have cancer
and isn't that so sad
I said it rains then pours
but it's really not so bad
The love all 'round is real
and all us well know
it only needs some water
to ensure it will always grow

We know it sounds like Hallmark
and we don't fucking care
since a life which tries without it
gets stiff and goes nowhere
Without the joie de vivre,
that simple joy of life,
only comes the turmoil
and times of endless strife

We live for making rainbows
and it's always been our way
since we found we could do it
and that leaves only this to say
Feel the love which is all around you
Share it as you may
Feel it down inside you
and send it on its way

Because there's nothing lost by giving
only in keeping things which melt
but love has no misgiving
and never has anything to sell
Feel it if you want to 
and live it as you will
share it with all you ever see
and to that well you may

Come some time all will sing it
and it just might be today

- Colonel Abuthnot Jones

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