Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 3/15


Donald Trump - a bit about that hypocritical stunt by Rachel Maddow

What's Hot - Google had a bit of a problem with this yesterday and hopefully behaves better today

Start - taxi drones in the skies over Dubai and no-one would call that ill-advised ... until they start crashing

Health Care - finding we're all screwed with the existing situation but this article does show a way to get inexpensive medical insurance for as long as the Affordable Care Act lasts

Maybe Adding - part of the dance yesterday trying to get Google to divulge what it thought was wrong

You're Not - about the abysmal distortion of democracy inherent in the legalized bribery presented by Washingtonian lobbyists

Milgram - one of the most important experiments in Psychology regarding obedience in people was repeated again in Poland, fifty years after the experiment was performed the first time

Here's What - an impeachment in Best Korea which is highly colorful plus a video from X Japan who knows how to make an Asian country cool and this gives one of their most beautiful songs

Spiders - it's astounding how much these little creepers eat of things destructive to us (i.e. insects) and mosquitos kill us more than anything so you eat those bugs, little buddy

Absolutely - there are many good people in America but these ones are not among them

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