Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Health Care at the Ground Level and the Threat of Losing It

Lotho advised of the possibility to get medical insurance for as low as nine dollars a month and I did check out the site since maybe that can solve some problems.  (Affordable Health Care Plans:  2017 HealthCare Plans (Compare From $9 Week))

The cost is true but the vulnerability is it's dependent on the Affordable Care Act for subsidization and that's square in the sights of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan to eliminate it.

We have seen the presentation from Paul Ryan, mostly because he's been pitching the same thing for at least eight years, and we have seen the response from the Congressional Business Office to report on how many will lose insurance due to implementation of the changes they propose.

We don't expect imagination from Ryan since he's just a walking tape loop and the medical problems in the country need much bigger thinking than that.

Some say you get to sixty-five and then you qualify for your MEDICARE so your insurance problems are over but that's crap too since the GOP has been chiseling at MEDICARE for years and the result for anyone on a low income is we probably can't afford the copays to doctors and we can almost never afford all the prescriptions.

The fix for that is to shop for, oh yeah, supplemental insurance and the rat race starts all over again.  There's even prescription insurance as if that's any kind of a solution for the outrages from Big Pharma.

I had thought a review of the plans offered by the Affordable Health Care Plan outfit might have the potential for a bad reaction until I saw the dependence on Obamacare.  A similar problem exists with MEDICARE insofar as, deficient as they have made that system, it's in jeopardy as well.

We're all in the same stew, mates.

The biggest personal terror is Trump will destroy VA and that puts me a box.  There's zero chance of recovery from that for me and countless other beatdown vets.  If you think I'm the only vet who's living from day to day in poverty, you're living in a dream world and it's an ugly dream.


Anonymous said...

The plan is only an OK plan but it is here now So until it changes use it

Anonymous said...

The plan is only an OK plan but it is here now So until it changes use it
The same plan is $320 without subsidies