Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Absolutely Predictable News from Absolutely Predictable People

Some pol in who the hell cares where compared Planned Parenthood to a NAZI death camp.  (RT: Kansas senator compares Planned Parenthood to Nazi concentration camp)

I wouldn't bother with the article and I only provided the link to show it's true.  Whomever said is a trivial human being who will only help the world by leaving it.

Betty DeVos has started breaking the standards of the educational system.  (RT:  Education Secretary DeVos weakens school accountability law)

She's not going to surprise you on anything.  It's highly unlikely any of her ilk are capable of surprise.

If the things Obama was doing were honest then why did he go to such lengths to hide them.  (RT:  FOIA fail: 'Most transparent ever' Obama administration spent $36mn to hide records in 2016)

I'm not going to look for it but I'm sure you will enjoy the pic of Obama and Richard Branson hanging out together.  You may recall Branson is the same one trying to chisel into the National Health Service in England to privatize it.

Gun sales are off, presumably because Donald Trump isn't scary enough.  (RT:  Gun control: Remington plant lays off 120 as gun makers report declining sales)

The stiffs lost their acts since they can't say Obama is coming for your guns anymore.  It doesn't seem anyone noticed Obama never collected guns from anywhere.

Los Angeles has a higher kill count for civilians by cops than anywhere else and and rodeo stars get gold belt buckles so the L.A. chief will do the same for his cops.  Why not when they're all a bunch of fucking cowboys.  (RT:  LA County sheriff to spend $300k on gold belt buckles for deputies)

Here's another no-name pol trying to be innovative and failing.  (RT:  US senator wants to probe RT as a ‘foreign agent’… What’s next, public executions?)

Look up censorship.  Learn it.  Love it.

If anyone can do anything about fake news, it's RT since we have seen CNN and Fox did nothing about the spew they have been passing off as news.  (RT:  RT separates facts from fakes with new online project)

You may recall CNN brought us the GoldenShowerGate and what kind of sick fuck outside of a porno house stinking of urine would do such a thing.

There's plenty of reason to believe Julian Assange since he hasn't lied on anything but Pence has no credibility at all.  (RT:  ‘Absurd & frankly offensive’: VP Pence blasts Assange’s Clinton takeover claims)

It's a fair turnaround when Pence finds something offensive after how destructive he's been already (e.g. banned abortion in his home state).

Better luck next time to some other bull.  Take him out.  (RT:  One-eyed matador gored in grizzly bullfight, gets up to make the kill (GRAPHIC VIDEO))

Blood is for life and never for amusement.

That should do it for current events which aren't worth full articles.

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