Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Maybe Adding Another Article Will Repair Google's Shitty Code

How about it Google?  How about at least a tiny fucking clue about what you don't like instead of flying around like another fat fucker on "Dancing with the Stars??"

How about a little shadow-boxing for the title, huh?

Update:  this bullshit since Blogger provides no debugger for their shit code so there's no way to identify the source of the problem.  It's base level incompetence from one of the biggest coding hotshots in the world.  Fucking amateurs.

Clicking Older Posts at the bottom of the page will pull up all the other articles.  I've seen this problem previously since Google never fixes anything but nothing but dumb luck ever fixed it.  They're costing me brain cycles on stupid problems and I'm pissed.  I'll tolerate just about anything except wasting my time.

I would have been fired from any level I ever worked at IT for that kind of incompetence in which problems never get fixed.  The standards have plunged with the Internet.  No wonder it's so easy to hack even the CIA/NSA can do it.

Updated again:  it's fixed as well as it can be but the original What's Hot is toasted.  There's nothing tricky in it as I learned long ago with Google is don't be tricky or it will blow.  Source of the problem is unknown except it came from that article for some reason best known to the geniuses at Google.  Fucking amateurs.

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