Monday, March 13, 2017

The Really Sweet Stuff Sinks at the Mooring

I'm sure you're good people but you don't seem to have much interest in anything nice, goodness which happens for no particular reason.  Serendipity came up a lot in the Sixties but many probably don't even know what it means now.

Good things do happen for no particular reason and you know that but many choose now to ignore good things even when they do see them.

Ithaka:  Destination Touring: Cayo Costa State Park

Likely you would have to reserve a cabin years in advance but the cost of the place is minimal and the park looks almost virginal.  It's also relatively close.  Well.

Ithaka:  A Story of Almost Total Unbelievability from Russia

Evidently, people don't believe it but the story is a kid-makes-good tale with circumstances which are nearly unimaginable.

This one was the heartbreaker:

Ithaka:  Getting to Understand the Clovis People a Little - Science

This one I thought was really interesting but it hit the ground with a dull thud.  It may have antagonized the prigs in observing the current Capitalist America identifies itself as the one and only but America has had multiple cultures which have run the place and the Capitalists are only the most recent which hasn't even run that long.  Given their behavior, it's not likely they will be the last unless they destroy the place altogether which they might.

The Clovis people were handling things about twelve thousand years ago and they disappeared thus creating one of the Great American Mysteries.  The current report is because some scientists discovered another possible cause for what happened.

I don't want to use the idea of 'sweet stuff' as a segue since I don't want to get Mystery Lady puking her guts up but hopefully there will be a call today so long as nothing goes wrong.

Ed:  um, nothing else goes wrong?

You know the program but see above about serendipity.  It still happens even down here.  I strongly suspect it happens more or we appreciate more.  Good things come when you don't expect them and we don't expect much of anything so that makes it easier for such things to penetrate.

I've seen the general phenomenon quite a bit in which there's high interest in spanking politicians but not so much in things regarding real people.  I try to keep it to a minimum but sometimes the real people is me and there's generally interest in those stories if only for, fuckin' A, I'm sure glad I'm not him.

The story doesn't need to be told again now but the regulars know life is extremely difficult here, mostly due to medical situations which the state laughingly says it addresses.  The result was any wimps fell by the side long back and those remain look like rubbishy reprobates but there's more sweetness in that cadre than the fucking Mickey House Club.

There was one cat who in the early days was the result of a couple of advisories to Yevette along the lines of 'this one doesn't seem to be wired quite right.'  However, he sure figured out those wires and he's become the good parts of Sir Lancelot.  Fark!

There's a part in Yevette which wants to spill the situation since she's heavily active on Twitter and she will be away or online much less frequently for a while and feels a need to explain that.  I've cautioned her on that since the regulars comprise one audience but Twitter goes to the open Internet and I would not reveal such information.

Whatever is revealed on Ithaka is relatively safe against Internet trolling since Ithaka is heavily-defended and I won't let any creeps near it.

Ed:  I thought you believe the CIA destroyed the Internet?

I do and hopefully you're not using Internet trolls as an example of high function.

It's going to get dark and you may want to bail now.   As I said, the Rockhouse isn't for wimps.

Malignant cancer is confirmed and, when the oncologist says be there for chemo and radiation in two weeks, you fucking be there and don't be talking any shit about Laetrile and miracle cures.  There's no need for the detail of the cancer stages but you can probably infer that.  Without any medical background, the stages just become boogeymen and writing of that serves no purpose.

I do NOT believe Yevette is croaked.  This isn't the Mickey Mouse Club since all I have heard and read tells me this is survivable although there may be some consequences which also don't need to be detailed.  I'm not trying to be cagey but cancer is personal and this particular aspect is even more deeply personal than that.

I'm sure Yevette wants the above known and I'm equally sure she does not want gory details published.  Part of the coolness with Mystery Lady is she does have medical background from years as a nurse and her experience plus knowledge make her one of the best people Yevette could reach.

There's about a week until the processes begin and that means stuffing chocolate and / or donuts or both into yourself as you can since eating won't be much fun after a while.  I don't care all that much for such things but who do you think fetches them.

There will be downtime and it will run for about two months.  At the end of that, I truly expect a good outcome since all indications show the cancer was removed in the surgery and the processes are to be sure of it.  My understanding of that may not be precise but it's accurate enough for the discussion.

As to whether ganja will come into this, there's no plan either way.  I don't have any now but will eventually find some money and I'll definitely get some more.  I will not push it at Yevette since she does not normally smoke it but I will probably suggest it from time to time if it seems it may help.

Ed:  you scared?

Of course I'm fucking scared.  While confidence is high, it's still territory no-one wants to travel.  That may even be part of the high interest in luxury touring just now.  It's impossible anyway so why not take a look at the swankiest stuff around.

Parents will understand this better than anyone since things like this are always harder when they happen to someone else.

This is specifically why we can't make it to The Raven's wedding even though I would love to be there and Yevette loves them all as well.  Yevette danced with The Raven in the Cincinnati show so there are many connections.  This time it can't happen and you know I was serious about coming when I even found that tux.

People at VA often assume we're married and neither of us even tries to correct them anymore.  That's not because of any wishful thinking in either of us toward being married and one friend seriously wouldn't dig the idea.  Since he's the closest thing to Sir Lancelot just now, there's no way I'm going to bork the situation.

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