Monday, March 13, 2017

A Story of Almost Total Unbelievability from Russia

The little crumb snatcher knows Gramps is blind and mostly helpless and she knows Gramma is sick with need for help.  If you're a four-year-old crumb snatcher in Russia, you go for help ... and succeed.

A four-year-old girl walked some eight kilometers across the bear- and wolf-infested Siberian taiga to seek help for her grandmother.

RT:  4yo Siberian girl walks 8km across snowy taiga to help dying grandma

A wooden house is seen through fog in the snow-covered Taiga forest © Ilya Naymushin / Sputnik

Maybe you ask where was mother and, sure, the police want to know that too but, meanwhile, here's the kid who tried to save her Gramma.

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I ain't a'feared of no wolves or bears, not me.

The incident took place in the Russian Republic of Tuva in southern Siberia back in February, but was confirmed by the authorities only on Sunday.

The four-year-old girl, identified by local media as Saglana, was living with her grandparents in a remote village. Her grandfather has reportedly been blind for several years, and the girl’s 31-year-old mother lives separately.

One early morning, the Saglana woke up and saw her grandmother motionless. She had to seek help in the nearby town, some eight kilometers away, according to local media.

- RT

The story isn't entirely Walt Disney since Gramma didn't make it but she was likely gone before Saglana ever started hiking.  It seems she had a heart attack during her sleep so not so bad as it doesn't seem she suffered unnecessarily.

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