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Getting to Understand the Clovis People a Little - Science

Multiple cultures have claimed dominance in North America and the Capitalists are only the latest while the Clovis people may have been the first.  Eighty percent of living Indians share the genotype or sufficient traits within the genotype to prove descent from the Clovis people so they appear to have been the true ancestors of much of North America.  (WIKI:  Clovis culture)

For anything so sweeping, you can guarantee substantial controversy within the archaeological and anthropological teams regarding whether the Clovis culture really was central and everything radiated subsequently from there ... or something else.

Ed:  or some combination?

Sure since a combination of things is almost always the best answer and then the controversy is which combination.

The scope of this article won't extend to a cross-cultural survey to include the Clovis ways since the interest is in how people got where we are.  When the Clovis people came the first time, there wasn't anyone else there, not anywhere except behind them.  Something of that nature is epochal in the history of man yet we know almost nothing about it and the fascination comes.

The Clovis people existed about twelve thousand years ago and then poofed relatively suddenly, as did a variety of North American fauna.

Watson:  sounds like a meteorite strike!

That it does but not to a great many theorists who believe the loss of that culture and those species came about due to climate change.

Fans of the Meteorite Theory got a huge boost since researchers got to studying platinum and that gave them the evidence they needed to state categorically that America took a big whack from a strike right about that time.  (Science Daily:  Discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery)

The situation:

No one knows for certain why the Clovis people and iconic beasts -- mastodon, mammoth and saber-toothed tiger -- living some 12,800 years ago suddenly disappeared. However, a discovery of widespread platinum at archaeological sites across the United States by three University of South Carolina archaeologists has provided an important clue in solving this enduring mystery.

- SD

The article goes on to state convincing evidence of a meteorite strike and eventually that may even settle the controversy.

- Insert long-winded editorial on Earth's vulnerability to strikes of that nature -

The Solutrean Hypothesis is the one which postulated the fluted points of Clovis arrowheads may have originated in Europe with a culture which existed until about fifteen thousand years ago.  The theory is novel but it's been ripped to hell by other researchers and there's not much left of it today.

For the purposes here, it's enough to go with the general thinking of people migrating to North America over a Bering Strait land bridge and maybe more coming from China.  The flows seems best documented to have been from North to South and the immediate interest is it seems to have focused at that time to come forth as the Clovis people in lower North America.

The Clovis culture boomed and then relatively suddenly disappeared.  The Meteorite Strike seems a peach of an explanation for that so we land on the next question.

When the Meteorite Strike whacked the Clovis people, why didn't it whack the others.  The Indian Nation regrew and rebuilt but where were these people prior to that time.  Were they survivor Clovis people and it seems they must have been when the descendants share so much genetics.

I'm a little apologetic that this intrigues me, I guess because it's a generally geeky interest, but it fascinates me in considering how we got where we are.  At the one moment we're in Africa and not much more that monkeys but then we start wandering about the world and the interest is where we went.  Maybe you hear of seven billion people in the world now and wonder where the hell did we find all these people ... which is probably about the same thing.

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