Monday, March 13, 2017

Cincinnati Makes Good in a Big Way with Four Baby Tigers

Maybe you recall when Harambe was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo and that resulted in one of the most horrible Internet debacles many of us have seen in some while.  That story sucked but this one is altogether different and it comes from the same zoo.

Maybe you have trouble finding a babysitter sometimes but it's really a bitch if you're a tiger.  They solved the problem at the Cincinnati Zoo since Blakely, a dog, is the babysitter.

Note 1:  the mother didn't need a babysitter and actually abandoned them.  There's even more interest with keeping these ones alive since they're extremely endangered with only about five hundred remaining in the world.

Note 2:  I'm not sure but these seem to be the type of dogs Doc has always favored.  Easy to see why.

You can find all the journo goodness at RT:  Nursing dog cares for extremely rare tiger cubs at Cincinnati Zoo (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Three rare Malayan tiger cubs, all female, have been cared for by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s nursery staff since they were born on February 3, 2017, and ignored by their mother.  Their care team now includes the Zoo’s four-legged, resident nursery companion and former nanny to several Zoo babies, Blakely the Australian shepherd.  The six-year-old super dog has been called into action to provide snuggling, comfort and a body to climb.

The cubs, named “Chira” (because she was treated by a chiropractor), “Batari” (means goddess) and “Izzy” (means promised by God), would have received similar cues from their mom.  Since being with her is not an option, Blakely is the next best thing.  His baby-rearing resume includes experience with cheetahs, an ocelot, a takin, a warthog, wallabies, skunks, and bat-eared foxes. 





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