Monday, March 13, 2017

Luxury Highway Touring ... for the Papacy

While the appointments are not particularly impressive, you can see the magnificence of the vehicle ... or not.

Ariccia, Italy

Pope Francis on a bus with members of the church on their way back to the Vatican at the end of a week-long spiritual retreat near Rome

Photograph: AP

Pope Francis is cool and still looking like he would be the best Santa Claus since the real one.

Priestly #2 there sure looks like a bundle of joy, huh.  Priestly #3 is having a heart attack but doesn't seem to want to be disturbed.  Priestly #4 is a Jewish man who discovered he can pass.

Ed:  why?

Because otherwise people think he is associated with Israel but that country's behavior disgraces him.

Ed:  does the Pope wear underpants?

Well, frankly, I don't know, mate, but underpants would defeat the purpose of the gown, wouldn't they.

If you have any other vital theological questions, please do ask.

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