Friday, March 24, 2017

I'll Carve You Up So Nice It Will Take All Day

The MOHS Procedure is one in which the surgeon digs a chunk out of you, sends it off for biopsy, and repeats a little deeper if it comes back positive.  The last time it was used on me was about ten years back but it was on my upper lip and the surgeon put me under for it.  This time it's on my arm and he will use a local but then there's a waking hold until results are returned.  After he gets the sign, he may repeat followed by another waking hold (i.e. bring a book).

He said allocate the day for it and I readily agreed.

You may wonder at the compliance but the other choice is radiation.  I didn't know that previously but he told me, see, it's got these little tentacles so ...

Doctor, what do you mean little fucking tentacles?

Yes, it has little fucking tentacles but the MOHS Procedure is 98%-99% effective in removing them.  The other alternative is radiation which is 90% effective for skin cancer.

Now I have heard about alternative facts and they sucked but I could ignore them because, well, they were fucking stupid and they weren't true anyway.  This alternative treatment is a whole new realm of suckage with radiation.

So, sure; cut me, doctor.

Note:  so long as it's not a melanoma which can get me dead in a quick way, it's only a hassle and that makes it fair game to have a larf with it.

Ed:  it's not funny!

Sorry it's not a giggle for you, Sad Sack.  It's a riot for me.

This goes out into a world of strange in which everything is so fucking weird that perspectives shift lots.  It's not for sissies and it's remarkable the things it brings out of people.

Observation:  there are excellent charts at a dermatologist's office which show the look of cancer with some information about it.  The observation is why don't we see those until we already fucking have skin cancer.

Education, education, education

This is where we get to the beauty part since I told the surgeon I won't be getting radiation but Yevette will and he suggested deferring the procedure.  Yevette specifically did not want me to do that but the doctor wondered how this can work.  I told him about the Perimeter Defense Force and my role is more about being the quartermaster while my partner handles the tactical side.

It will be a strange day but it will get handled.

There's a whole lot of strange blowin' on the wind these days.

I thought these kinds of trips meant people started walking around under dark death clouds and it rained all the time but it hasn't been like that.  If you're taking anything at all from this, hopefully it's not much the parts which suck but rather the times in-between since some of it is actually cool or at least I highly dig it.

It's grand in reporting on research which won't do a damn thing for me since it would have had to start much sooner but I get a bang out of reading it and thinking, yep, that could work.  There was a report earlier about discovery of a way to make one's body repair itself much better and this is hard science rather than Dr Oz.

That's the vibe of it since it twists seriously strange when the man says radiation and it dawns ... moi?

That makes the earlier report a bigger bang since it's conceivable it means this won't happen or at least not so much in the future.  They make bold claims about better health and seem to be able to back them.  (Ithaka:  What If Cells Get Better at Fixing Themselves - Science)

Note:  that's not so far future since they are setting up to go commercial with it after that (cough) tiny step of human testing which starts soon.

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