Friday, March 24, 2017

Mister Donkeychev, Tear Down That Wall

Here in Fort Worth, we do our patriotic bit to build the Wall and Mister Trump is welcome to the result of our efforts for the monumental edifice he builds to our South.

Meanwhile, we hear the Great Republican God, Ronald Reagan, booming forth, "Mister Donkeychev, tear down that Wall."

Now we're confused about the Republican Mandate.  Are we building a wall or tearing it the fuck down.

Call out Paul Ryan for it since his RyanDontCare plan just got shot down for the 463rd time today because, for the 463rd time, it didn't have enough votes.  So far the GOP is coming up dry on anything useful to say about it.

What will it be, Paulie?  Are we building a wall or tearing it down?

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