Saturday, March 25, 2017

Paul Ryan at the Weather Station in Greenland

After one of the most spectacular political failures in American history and after having repeated the same failure for years on end, Paul Ryan has now been assigned to the same weather station in Alaska where the captain from "Stripes" was sent.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been tootling around in circles, looking for all the world like the little engine that couldn't, and he keeps muttering, "I thought they loved me."

Trump isn't sure how to deal with the ignominy of it when all of the others in the AMP (America's Minor Empire) have managed to enact brutal austerity measures, Ryan and Trump just couldn't match them in the country which started the world economy tumbling into the toilet in the first place.

The AMP, in fact, is one of America's most mystifying inventions since it's the only empire in the planet's history in which no-one sends any tribute to the king and, should he ask, they just laugh in his face as recently happened with Germany.

Simon Leis:  you mean I'm a laughingstock?  All this time I've been a laughingstock?

No, no, Sheriff.  It's not just you who is a laughingstock but you made all of Cincinnati look like buffoons.  What sheriff ever got his ass kicked by a porno king ... on international news ... and in a A-list Hollywood movie.

By the way, loved you in "The People vs Larry Flynt" but it did make your ass look fat.

Cincinnati via Simon Leis tried to prosecute Larry Flynt for obscenity and it was made all the more hilarious because Cincinnati likes to affect the manner of the undiscovered New York when actually Ohio competes with Oklahoma and Arizona for executions which have been botched the worst while New York doesn't even condone consideration of such barbaric punishment.

Just as with Simon Leis in Cincinnati, Paul Ryan has shown you can give a monkey a haircut and put a suit on him but he still just wants bananas.

The comedy part is this wasn't Trump's medical plan so Paul Ryan not only managed to make a total fool of himself for, oh, at least the hundredth time, he took Trump with him and it wasn't even Trump's game.

Oh God, we love the genius of Washington politics.

To make it absolutely perfect, Donald Trump took to the TV instead of Twitter and delivered a load of butt hurt which even Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Victimized Ass Pain, would admire although, to his credit, he has not blamed Russians yet.

Ed:  the Presidency in America consists of four months of speeches and four years of excuses

People are still laughing from the last time he tried to use Russians.  Now he's back to blaming Democrats.

Ed:  same thing

Roger that.  Damn those Democrats, both of them.

Ed:  I thought there were more than two Democrats?

Nah, there's only Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard left but they fight hard.

Ed:  what about Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy who?

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