Saturday, March 25, 2017

When the CIA Cancer Attacked Apple Computers

Cadillac Man is somewhat defending of the CIA and not so much in terms of function but rather the process which authorized it in the first place and subsequently let it get out of control.  He is about middlin' approving of Harry Truman whereas that wretch is still stinking to the bottom of the ocean in the view of the Rockhouse.


- Harry Truman started the nuclear arms race by initiating post-war above-ground nuclear testing
- Harry Truman authorized the CIA in gathering previous intelligence-gathering outfits to centralize them

Neither of those initiatives could possibly have failed more disastrously and we pay mightily to this day for both of them while neither has ever returned one damn thing of value.

But at least the CIA sought to gut the core of Apple computers by poisoning them so badly their cancer would even survive a new installation of the Apple operating system.

If anyone else had done to this to anything in America, Washington would have bombed it.

RT:  #Vault7: Assange says WikiLeaks ‘Dark Matter’ leak ‘small example’ of what’s in store

Julian Assange answered questions on WikiLeaks latest release in ‘Vault 7,’ named ‘Dark Matter,' as well as the CIA’s ever-changing role and the impact this has on world affairs.

The second release in the series details the techniques that WikiLeaks claims are employed by CIA assets to compromise Apple devices between the manufacturing line and the end user.

- RT

When America becomes its own enemy, it may just be time to reevaluate your objectives.

Cadillac Man contends generally that America is wildly wasteful but it has a lot of gold in its pockets so it can get away with it.  That's a loose paraphrase but I think probably acceptable to him.

The Rockhouse rejects that since that construct means American Capitalism will ultimately fail and for the same reason as wood-burning fireplaces.  They look pretty and they make a bit of local heat but they're polluting as hell and most of the heat goes up the chimney.

In other words, capitalism can survive just fine but it gets corrupted to the Moon when it gets large and that only needs two words for proof:  Big Pharma.

Republicans don't give a fuck and don't think that far with the proof of that in the way Donald Trump is going all-out Nineteenth Century in trying to tear down every possible control.  Oh yeah, he's the heartbeat of America, that one.

All of us recognize the Big Pharma problem and all of us are equally cognizant of the absence of any damn thing anyone is doing about it ... and here's what really busts my ass ... they will talk shit about wire tapping all day long.

Jason Chaffetz, they listen to every word you say, you dim-witted monkey man.  That's the point of everything Edward Snowden released, oh, years ago and of which you never read so much as the first syllable, you knuckle-dragging, sycophantic buffoon.  Do you even possess the intelligence to know you're nothing more than a distraction or did they get you from Abby Rents and you just do what you're told?

The question isn't what Washington will do but rather what you will do since it's clear, yet one more time, Washington isn't going to do anything and they will kowtow to Big Pharma like slaves on the plantation when the Massa shouts.

The fundamental problem, Cadillac Man, is it's great to have that gold in yer pockets but the weight of it breaks holes in them and then you lose the gold anyway.  The Washington approach is generally, well, I guess we need more gold.

How much more are you willing to send them?  Better yet, how much will Apple send them when they are overtly trying to compromise their product.  If that's not an illegal restraint of trade, what would you call it.  Why should Apple pay for that.

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