Monday, June 19, 2017

News on a Nailhead 6/19 | A Flooze, the Bluez, and some Views plus a Hippo and Flowers

For the Flooze, we have an open demand to people to laugh at Hillary Clinton in which she yesterday likened herself to Wonder Woman.  That's odd since I don't recall Wonder Woman whining for six damn months continuously although, I confess, I have not made much of a study of Wonder Woman.

Jeff Bezos has the Bluez since he's nearly the richest man in the world now but he still can't afford a decent barber who can do any better than shaving his head.

We have more Bluez from Bill O'Reilly since he says ... again ... he will make news out of his firing.  Hot tip on that, Billy, since it doesn't appear anyone is listening but do try again if it amuses you and it must given the number of times we have heard that announcement.

Note:  the Rockhouse is seriously interested in finding information regarding mechanisms the human body uses to retain / dissipate heat from the head which produces a tremendous amount of it relative to the rest of your body.  Ask any skier what to do when you're cold and you will be advised every time to wear a hat.  The interest is on racial lines since we wonder if crinkly hair does a better job of radiating heat from the head while protecting the scalp from the Sun.

We have Views of London since some hateful lunatic crashed a car into some Muslims this evening and start the countdown until someone politicizes it.  No, that's not funny because sometimes it ain't.

There are also Views from Megyn Kelly since her interview did flush Alex Jones out of his midden and today he issued a statement about Sandy Hook which ignored his previous denials and which expressed sympathy toward parents who have to bury their children.  Megyn Kelly knocked him right out of the park although it's too much to hope it will silence him.

As to what is Trump doing, I can't say I really care what he's doing but one thing I know he's not doing is colluding with Russia.  I already knew I would hate the other stuff he wanted to do but I said from the start I want to stand down from the endless escalation toward Russia just as do all peace-loving people on the planet.

However, we do have a baby hippo traveling incognito.

And they thought it was just icebergs which are mostly underwater - Baby Hippo

And ... guaranteed to attract more bees than Winnie the Pooh's honeypot, we have this flowery street.

Sure and you thought you were bugged by the Mayflies.  Fuhgedaboudit.  Notfernuthin', you know.

Note:  that's New Yorker talk.  No-one cares what it means.

One more because, like New York, Glastonbury is also not of this world.

Paka the Uncredible on his steel steed, Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury, 2004

And you thought Scary Clowns were a problem.

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