Monday, May 15, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 5/15

May 14, 2017

Remember - only sixty more hits and Nicola Crosley makes it to the All Time Greatest and who says there are no simoleons in salacious palaver

Ben Hur 2000 - a Ferrari?  Why?  Why??

Microsoft - after the NSA wrote the exploit with broke hundeds of thousands of computers around the world, Microsoft makes a fair call about their incompetence

Microsoft - they continued the push to emphasize the problem with the NSA in terms of the way governments create and stockpile malicious code

Telepathic - some measure of fury at the blistering ignorance (as opposed to stupidity) of neoliberals regarding many things they should know before taking the positions they do but a telepathic message arrived from Cadillac Man

The Ongoing - and one for the fury but it doesn't seem to have alienated you

Must Be - when politicians turn up in Food Banks, the only explanation is an election is near

Ithaka Anthropology - every article is an experiment and some more deliberate than others

Neobands - when bands get to the gig standing on each other's shoulders, maybe the electronics made things just a wee bit too easy

The Demon - you know the Demon Interloper cat had to get the water and a devilishly clever flanking movie nailed her ... and I'm so ashamed

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