Monday, May 15, 2017

The Ongoing Neoliberal Disgrace in America

Those goddamn neoliberals are coming here and the next move is likely to shut down Ithaka to get rid of those parasites in my life.  Those thieving maggot bastards stole America but there's no fucking way they're getting me.  Some parts of America still have pride.

I can write about Clinton but they won't read it because see above about cowardly maggot bastards who cannot face truth.  Goddamn they disgust me.

I can write about the CIA but they won't read that either because they're convinced James Comey represented the Second Coming of Christ.

The neoliberals swear up and down they're feminists and yet they found the most hateful woman on the planet to support after she has shown she's a vicious, murdering opportunist with regard to Libya and just about everything else she ever touched.  They give no analysis to why they wanted to whack Qaddafi; Clinton just thought it was a good idea at the time.

Neoliberals screech about how Donald Trump is the death of America but he's an ill-advisedly penurious skinflint with no imagination and no balls.  He's nothing except a needless expense to the future.

Obama was running a dick measuring contest with Russia in exactly the same way as Trump does it with North Korea.  Neoliberals call Obama a saint while they call Trump treasonous for doing exactly the same thing.  That kind of genius can only come from Kellogg's.

However, neoliberals push forward the truth of the CIA, starting with Obama, then Clinton, and now every IQ-challenged prole from coast to coast swears, "I support my President" ... but only that one and fuck any other; we're patriots, see.

Ithaka has reviewed how Obama spent far more on the military than Ronald Reagan but those self-convinced fucking neoliberals don't believe it even though it's their beloved Obama government which produced the numbers.

They revere Obama who didn't do shit about fixing the problem with Big Med / Big Pharma and instead built a malignant shrine to them in the Affordable Care Act but it bribed enough people with Federal offsets that they swear the joy of America even while they serve Obama's corporate masters, just like every other spineless President for decades.

You saw how Clinton was fucking interns in the Oval Office but the neoliberals let that slide while they blasted Trump for being a sex-obsessed pig ... which obviously he is ... but so was Bill Clinton who was actually even more of a sleaze than Trump.

I have never so regretted coming to America as I do today and that includes from being drafted into their chickenshit Army where no neoliberals and few neocons ever went.  That situation pissed me off and did huge damage to me but the neoliberals disgrace me, every position I ever took, and every aspect of decency in America.  Just like Republicans, if they don't like something, they kill it.  And, why not, it's the Clinton way, the Arkansas way.  From that we learn, once a hayseed, always a hayseed.

Note:  an intelligent hayseed with low dreams is still nothing but a fucking yokel.


Death penalty
Neoliberals did nothing to stop it

Neoliberals do nothing to stop that and only made more of it

Military spending
Neoliberals made Reagan look like a piker who how little he spent relative to current.

Reagan tax rates
Neoliberals didn't do shit, any of them, to repair the damage Reagan did and the tax rates were never restored to practical levels.  Clinton didn't do it, Obama didn't do it, and there was no chance Clinton II was going to do anything Clinton I did not.  All saw Reagan as God, apparently.


Neoliberals talk about it but they don't believe it and think fucking a black man once in a while is the same thing.  Get a grip on the situation when black people don't want equality any more than you when no-one lifts a finger to stop the deportations.

And you wonder what destroyed the music.  After neoliberals, we're amazed any music remains or anyone has a desire to listen to it.  You saw what scream rock did to music as those lunatics got more and more pissed off but less and less able to express anything coherent about it, in part because their ridiculous screaming made it impossible to understand them.

After that came insipid rock and that continues to this day.  It won't be much longer before they start holding prayer services at the Grammy Awards.

Ed:  for what?

For music to come back.

Vladimir Putin said yesterday in China, "The future is in Eurasia."

That's obviously true when neoliberals and neocons are systemically destroying America.  It doesn't have a chance with those selfish fools running it.

Even you conservative readers out there know it's true about how much Obama spent on the military but the neoliberals ignore it and dance blithely away, hip-hopping like brain-addled anti-vaxxers.

I've been called a coward all my life because of those fucking people and how I would not fight in their goddamned neoliberal wars.  It was LBJ who escalated Vietnam and he may have been the first DINO.

Ed:  do you hate them and hope neoliberals die?

Nah, I don't hate them and I don't care if they die, any more than they care if I do.  That's not quite the same thing.  They're sub-human and of no more value to life than poison ivy or speed bumps.

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