Monday, May 15, 2017

Telepathic Message Just Came in from Cadillac Man

Message received over the vapors at 06:13 CDT

Cadillac Man:  Silas, you got yourself too isolated with The Situation so now there's just you and the neoliberals and cancer.  That made them all look the same.  Obviously there is no win in that.

Hmmm ...

I am sure the telepathic message is authentic since that's definitely his style.  After forty years, I have some confidence in my ability to recognize it.

Ed:  yah but do you listen to it?

Well, um ... he's right.  You know he is.

I will try calling in the next few days.  I can't really explain the amperage just now but I'm wired.

Ed:  smokee the ganja?

I do smokee the ganja.  The Magic Man soared by a while back and (gasp) I did manage to talk to him.  He knows The Situation and he's lived it in his own life.  He's a good man.

Ed:  ok then smokee less ganja and stop eating munchies!

Negatory on that idea but I never got munchies anyway.  I think munchies are something straight people invented and, wtf, check the evidence ... I ain't fat (larfs).

If we get the munchies for anything, what will it be, my stoner brothers and sisters?

Ed:  more ganja!

That's the spirit, mates.

The Situation mitigates and it's fo' real since there's still the hurty hurt for her but it's time to be modulating.  Some of you know how it goes that the hurty hurt lasts twice as long when you let it keep you down.

Don't even be worrying about that since the Silas can be extremely gentle ... I'm just not all that gentle with you (larfs).

Even with it finally starting to fade, it still overamps me to deal with civilians.  It's similar to coming out of the Army and no-one had any idea what that was like; they still don't.  After Vietnam stopped, everything changed.

I do apologize for pulling back but, for me, it was necessary since the context shift from cancer world to anything else at all, no matter how trivial, became impossible.  Writing articles for Ithaka didn't constitute a context shift since I have been writing them from within that world.  The context shift comes when I deal with anyone who is not as in cancer in your face in front of you right now.

I did talk to Cat on Saturday and that's the only time I've talked with anyone in I don't even know how long but it was Mystery Lady quite a while ago.  It is about time to start opening the pipes while at the same time considering closing them elsewhere (e.g. social network posting).

Right now it swirls like a 60s light show but I liked the light shows much better ... particularly in 1967 and Jefferson Airplane was playing.  Doc was there too and it was his first concert as well.  That's definitely where it started ... Davis, California, back when Jefferson Airplane was still playing college towns.  Lotho was still Biscuit back then but he more than made up for that in concerts a few years later.

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