Monday, May 15, 2017

Ithaka Anthropology Experiment No. 10-769

Today there was an article about Miss Piggie and the specific purpose was to flip neoliberals into cognitive dissonance.  (Ithaka: Damn You, Miss Piggie)

The joke is simple and mild:  if you cheat on Miss Piggie then it's worse if you get caught doing it in the Oval Office.

Those of you who actually read the news and (gasp) remember it know Bill Clinton is the only President in the modern era who was busted for getting some strange in the Oval Office (e.g. Monica Lewinsky and who knows how many other interns).

When Clintons have been posing as the arbiters of liberal moralism, that comment just flips their shit after they have been bagging Trump night and day for being such a slut.  Unknown if Clinton has been more or less of a slut but he hasn't been too good at it after being busted so many times.

That kind of double-standard hypocrisy is why we loathe neoliberals and why it's amusing to screw with them.

Ed:  how did they react to the joke?

It tanked (larfs).

Ed:  it wasn't much of a joke!

It didn't have to be to make the point.

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