Monday, May 15, 2017

Something Hillary Clinton Has in Common with Michael Moore

Michael Moore figured out how to profit on the Resistance by taking a new play he wrote about it to Broadway.  When Hillary Clinton smells money, you know she's going to come and she has started a PAC which describes her as an outsider.  She sure as hell wasn't an outsider at Goldman Sachs.

(CNN:  Hillary Clinton officially launches 'resistance' outside group)

"Now I'm back to being an activist citizen." - Hillary Clinton

What activism?  What fucking activism did Hillary Clinton ever support.  She sure as hell didn't say a word when Obama was waxing OWS.

She didn't even support a minimum wage.  She's not the solution to the problem but one of the primary sources of it.

There was no activism regarding invading Iraq when she was the No. 1 cheerleader.

There's been no activism from Hillary Clinton at any time in her life.

Here's Hillary Clinton's Show Me the Money activism.  (Fox News:  Hillary Clinton launches Onward Together PAC)

That shameless slut has started another PAC.  Why do those neoliberals put up with that conniving bitch.  She and Bill Clinton have done nothing but troll for money since they left the Presidency and they're up to about $180 million in aggregate.  And they angle for more.  Unbelievable.

There was a song about that.

Note:  I heard it and the feets started moving so I had to get the Galaxy Guitar to sit in with Mark Knopfler.  It actually sounded kind of not bad.

Like hell Clinton is part of any Resistance.  She's exactly the model of the bourgeois Establishment the Resistance seeks to take down.

Ed:  she stands for women's rights!

Sure and we saw that in how she stood behind Bill Clinton as he abused his political positions multiple times to take advantage of young women.  Bill O'Reilly got sued and fired for it.  Bill Clinton got over altogether and collected one hundred million dollars after his Presidency.  It looks, Herr O'Reilly, that you just showed us one more way it sucks to be a Republican.  You got fired and he laughed all the way to the bank.  Sucks to be you, huh?


Anonymous said...

saying that "I'm now party of the resistance" is an empty statement, just like the rest of her campaign was, and why she managed to lose to an orange lunatic.

Seriously, do you not understand how hard it is to lose to someone has unpopular as Trump?? Russia online propaganda or not, she managed to win the popular vote, and lost because she couldn't be bothered to campaign in the States that cost her the whole election.

No message, I'm with her, stronger together, deplorable, basement dwellers, pie in the sky; apparently that didn't work, and she's spewing more of the same.

This is how you resist, attack Trump for failing to deliver on his promises like better healthcare, congratulate Trump when he says something right so that he can be held accountable later, point out real issues with him and not bs like he makes children cry; I swear all Clinton and do is scream Russia and sexism.

Sanders has been a gold standard since day 1 of Trump's Presidency, he has not stopped fighting even though he lost; mean while the DNC has done everything in their power to continue undermining him.


I think the majority of the nation would be happier if she permanently left the public arena and retired. It's the fact that she left and then came back that bothers folks. Those asking "Where's Hillary?!!!" were likely asking it sarcastically, not because they actually want Hillary Clinton anywhere near public office ever again.

The issue with Hillary is that she keeps morphing herself to fit whatever she has to fit at that particular time. This time, it is an "activist". People simply don't respect this

Her stance on gay marriage is probably the defining demonstration of her character. During her 2004 run for re-election to NY senate, she did a "town hall" where she was asked about gay marriage to which she responded negatively towards it and received audible boos from the crowd. This was the last time she was ever anti-gay marriage on record; it's likely that she changed her views in response to that reaction from her constituents.

Well, it's a big stance change considering how many families have been destroyed from the 3 strikes that was passed while here husband was in office.

Anonymous said...

Hillarys whole life has been dictated by what her handlers tell her her target demographic wants to hear so they'll vote for her. There's nothing genuine about her. "Candid" photos in the woods? That staged little immigrant girl coming up to her asking to be saved? Chillin in cedar rapids? Come on...

I honestly would have had a better chance of voting for her if she just said I want to be president because it's a career goal of mine. Instead of pretending and lying to people about wanting to help them. Once she won she would be doing exactly what Trump is doing now and not fulfilling any of her campaign promises and just loving the fact she got the power position she wanted. She just wouldn't be as blatant as Trump is. She would have helped herself first, her friends second, wealthy donors next, foreign wealthy donors after that, and then finally maybe throw the public a bone or 2 to keep favorables up.

Shes as fake as you get. The very definition of a spineless politician. This election was blatantly horrible. Neither of them would have done anything for anyone other than wealthy donors. Trump has been horrible but now people wanna act like Hillary would have saved America and it leads me to believe these people have no memory of who she was before Trump won.

I'm hoping one day I strike it rich and politicians will care about me and my family

Peas InOurThyme said...

I have no disagreement with any of that except I won't call her Hillary. She only pretends to be my friend so she can beguile and steal from me.

The pic is perfect and I'll post that in a primary article.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Cool to see you really get it with Sanders and it's why I've never stopped posting from him or from Our Revolution. There's not much truth around but there's that.