Monday, May 15, 2017

Neobands Bitch About NeoFestivals and NeoPromoters

Music festivals are facing an “enormous backlash” as the emerging trend to cram in more bands playing shorter sets is infuriating some musicians, industry experts warn.

In the past, what seemed like a nation of fans would tune into Radio 1 to hear festival lineups announced and there was a panicked scramble when tickets went on sale. Now with sets as short as 20 minutes, performers are asking themselves if it is worth the bother.

“Set times are getting shorter because festivals are trying to fit all the artists in,” said Greg Lowe, booking agent for acts including Underworld, Crystal Fighters and Glass Animals.

The Guardian:  ‘It’s two hit songs then off’ – artists fight festivals’ shorter sets

Industry insiders are worried that musicians turning down big festivals will lead to weaker lineups.

Photograph: Alamy

Ed:  the Rockhouse thinks this is funny, doesn't it?

The Galaxy Guitar is laughing the hardest.

When you get every chippie with a penchant for dark eye makeup, trivial songs, and an iPad then tell us she's a band, what the fuck did you think would happen.  Bands today are a dime a dozen (shrug).

Ed:  they always were!

Not like this.  Before the electronics, it was necessary to learn an instrument.  With the electronics it's not even necessary to learn the song.

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