Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Valencia, Spain, | Outstanding Talent for Starting Fires

A worker adds the finishing touches to a papier mache figure before the traditional Fallas festival. Every year the city celebrates the ancient fiesta, which ends with the burning of large papier mache figures

Photograph: Alberto Saiz/AP

Unknown how that would play for the Rose Bowl Parade since, well, I have not ever specifically seen the Rose Bowl Parade.

Watson:  it could backfire and all the football players would start talking like pirates.

Good point.

Amazingly enough, the actual course of the Fallas Festival is much cooler than teams of Rose Bowl football players talking like pirates.

Spanish Fiestas:  Las Fallas Festival – Valencia

On each night there is a firework display in the old river bed and they escalate in degrees of spectacle until the final night, 19th March, the Night of Fire – ‘La Nit de Foc’. This is the famous event when the enormous creations are destroyed. Neighbourhoods will have their own ‘falla infantile’ for the children at about 10pm and then, at around midnight, the neighbourhood ‘fallas’ will begin. The final, grandest fire, in the Plaza Ayuntamiento, won’t get under way until 1am at the earliest with huge crowds waiting in eager anticipation of the burning. The ‘ninots’ will all have been stuffed full with fireworks, the street lights switched off and the firemen will be in position when the 20 to 30 foot models, which took months of painstaking construction, will be razed to the ground. Each year, one ‘ninot’ is spared the ordeal (as a result of a public vote) whilst the rest suffer a spectacular fate.

- Spanish Fiestas

They make all these twisted things and then they burn it all.  If you never party with anyone else, you have got to find this lot.

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