Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Refugee Ruse: Smuggling Children Inside Arcade Machines | New FBI Intel

Here an example of the problem is exposed by revealing the presence of a child inside a toy-claw machine for an arcade.  Is there no limit to what scoundrel refugees will do to enter this country.  (RT:  Game over! Toddler gets trapped inside toy-claw arcade machine (VIDEO))

- RT

When arrested, the smugglers said they knew the child could sleep inside the machine because of the soft padding of the toys so they had no worry about his safe arrival.  The only needed to ensure there were sufficient toys to cover him and protect him to have confidence of that.  The problem was extricating him once he got here and that didn't work out so well.

As you see from this evidence, better vetting of immigrants must immediately include the question of have you have ever tried to smuggle a human inside an arcade machine.

How can America be truly secure until we do otherwise than the laughable security which exists for America today.

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