Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio, As a Vacation Destination

Cincinnati, Ohio, is another of my ex-hometowns and this video offered an unusual glimpse of it.

Welcome to the Hamilton County Justice Center near downtown Cincinnati, a site we're sure no tourist will want to miss, particularly those who are addicted to various narcotics.

That place will trigger some nostalgia for at least some of y'all when anyone who's anybody in Cincinnati has been in there at one time or another.

It was unusual for me in a revisit with dear Simon Leis, the one who was humiliated by Larry Flynt on national TV and in the movie.  As you see, it didn't stop him.

Favorite quote:

"My rights?  My RIGHTS?  I'm SICK of hearing people talking about my rights." - Simon Leis

Oh, God, how I love nostalgia.

He was the Father of the Cincinnati Obscenity Trials which made of Cincinnati such a kozmik laughingstock.

Another unusual bit was when the innocent murderer girl was peeking out the window and, oh, yeah, I remember Cincinnati a little bit.  So that's what it looks like from the jailhouse.

The girls / women of the video are just as you would expect in a parade of lost souls.  There's no need for an editorial.

Well, a little one ... it's so easy to make mistakes and so difficult to get out of them and read 'get out' as make amends and / or whatever needs to be done to get things right again.

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