Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It Looks Like They May Actually Believe the FBI

This kind of thing explains why Diamonique jewelry is so popular in America since a fake is just as good if it's halfway convincing.  (Ithaka:  The Washington FBI Poo Flinging Contest with Donald Trump)

Ed:  you don't see Congress as any different from Home Shopping Channel when it holds sales on Diamonique jewelry?

Show me a reason I should, mate.  When it puts Hillary Clinton up as a front, there's no difference whatsoever.  Chelsea Clinton is just the Wal-Mart version of the same thing.

It's a novel situation when the neo American Presidents are welcome in apartheid states such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and other hellholes of disintegrating human rights but they're loathed everywhere else.

Reagan was the last President any other country almost liked but that hasn't been true again since.  There wasn't reason to like him but he was better at schmoozing.

Ed:  along with coke deals.  He enjoyed those too.

That was the "Oliver and Hardy Go to Nicaragua Show" and that was fun for all, wasn't it.  That one brought a subtitle of how to make a patriotic American hero (i.e. Oliver North) out of a mountain of cocaine while simultaneously profiting on it.  For malfeasance with a message, Bonzo was the one.

Ed:  Bonzo was the chimp, not Reagan!

Like there was a difference except the chimp was stronger, smarter, and better looking.

There may be some mongrel statists lurking about out there but they will never succeed and here's why.

The statists have had almost twenty years to correct the problems America and England started in the Middle East in 1947 (created Israel) and 1953 (forced Shah on Iran) but have done nothing except make excuses that entire time plus made scads of money.  It's not that they will fail; they already did ... all except for the part on profiting from it.

A universal draft will never work to save America because Americans are cowardly, weak, and lazy and they don't mean a word of their talk about patriotism unless it means no more than buying Budweieser at football games.  When a universal draft requires two years of service from everyone, start the countdown until these so-called neoliberal monkeys start whining like you want to kill their dogs.  Like everything else, Republicans will just ignore it since, of course, this doesn't apply to them.  They have proles for that.

The universal draft we propose will not require anyone to perform military combat service but you must contribute something of value to America in your two years in the context of building something better than that which is there now.

How about if the Army Corps of Engineers started fixing America's bridges.  Would you sign up for that, young tadpole, to help fix America's infrastructure and also learn how to perform a useful trade.  What a horror of corrupted principles, huh.

How about if the Army Medical Corps went into the slums to start giving Americans in poverty the first decent medical care they have ever had in their lives.  How about learning that trade in your two years.  I ga-ron-tee you will walk away from that one feeling like a hero and it would be justified.  No-one died on your watch unless it was just impossible to save them.

The Rockhouse believes the universal draft is necessary because it's not so easy to bullshit people after they have been in the military when few things so expose the Washington lie more openly.  Why do you think Vietnam produced a huge movement in Vietnam Veterans Against the War and it exists to this day although not under the same name.

For example, Donald Trump has retained the Veterans Administration in his budget proposal (i.e. wish list) but veterans are not fooled since we saw the other things he slashed and that fat ass bitch is only trying to game us.  When he is willing to cut Meals on Wheels for old disabled people, we don't believe a word which emits from his malevolent pie hole.  He's evil and he brings nothing but gold-plated death.

They get furious when I call Hillary Clinton vicious even though they can't possibly be so simple as to believe it's not true so I conclude her defenders are just as vicious as she.  We have seen they have attacked everyone through Kate Smith in their desperate cast for validation..

Ed:  but validation never happened

Nope.  They never became more than plasticine porters with looking glass eyes.

The Rockhouse doesn't hammer Israel for its Judaism nor do we hammer Hillary Clinton for being a woman.  They're simply poor examples of humanity and we can do one hell of a lot better than either.  Donald Trump we do not even regard as human.  He's some sort of simulacrum made by Fox News, Microsoft Computers, and the "Let's Make a Deal" game show.

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