Monday, March 20, 2017

The Washington FBI Poo Flinging Contest with Donald Trump

Even Mel Brooks wouldn't have written this one and his "History of the World" needs Donald Trump but, hell no, please don't do it, Mel.

It's a delight of a Washington Poo Flinging Contest since Donald Trump is flinging wiretapping poo which has never been substantiated by anything.  James Comey responds exactly as he has previously by flinging poo about Russian hacking and he has never had any substantiation for it.

The beauty part is Donald Trump's wiretapping poo has been made to seem ludicrous in an excellent flanking maneuver by MSM and the result was James Comey's Russian hacking poo came to look like it was carved by Moses.  Ultimately, Trump outflanked himself and turned a steaming load of FBI bullshit into Scripture.  (RT:  FBI confirms probe into Trump’s alleged ties with Moscow during 2016 election campaign)

FBI Director James Comey has confirmed that the bureau is investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, including alleged links between Moscow and Donald Trump's campaign.

- RT

In English, he's got nothin' (but it's nothin' that's now magically worth more than Trump's nothin').

The genius, the genius - Colonel Kurtz

The Rockhouse refuses to take these grandstanding goombahs seriously.  They're crooked as fuck and they will say anything whatsoever to keep their gravy sucking jobs.

The only way the Russian hacking plan works is if their incredibly secret spy kings are even thicker than the Americans who elected Trump in the first place.  The secret spy kings thought it was a clever idea to help them elect Trump.  This makes such wizard sense, how could it have been any other way.

The next thing you know, Russian hackers will be riding around in pickup trucks with shotguns and Confederate flags while screaming, "The South will rise again!"

There was a glorious command performance today since the NSA also showed up although there has never been any evidence the NSA with James Clapper and Keith Alexander was ever constrained by truth.  (RT:  FBI & NSA chiefs testify in Congress on Trump, Russia, wiretapping (WATCH LIVE))

Note:  they're the Kings of Metadata who lied with just about every word they spoke about the data they were capturing and the American audience from whom it was captured.

Comey and Rogers agree with Stewart that Russians most likely believed that Clinton would win the presidential election.

Stewart wondering what prompted the December 2016 intelligence report, commissioned by the Obama administration, that said Russia preferred Trump as a candidate.

"I hate the New England Patriots, so no matter who they play I want them to lose," Comey responds, using a football metaphor.

- RT

The genius, the genius - Colonel Kurtz

I don't believe the Russians hacked the election but I would love to congratulate them and thank them if they did.  Thank you for whacking that wastrel, Clinton, since the only sorrier Democrat in the entire party is Debby Wasserman Schultz.

Trump is a lunatic but Clinton is willfully vicious so I'll take my chances with the crazy man.

Hillary Clinton only plays one card.

However, there is still a win.

Death is ruled by Scorpio (i.e. me).

We're not going to whack her.  It would be better to put her on a TV game show.  Hillary Clinton could be the game show queen on the one where they say over and over:

Big Bucks!
No Whammies!
Big Bucks!
No Whammies!

The genius, the genius - Colonel Kurtz

It's perfect for her.

That completes today's episode of Washington Poo Flinging.


Cadillac Man said...

Having been the subject of a malicious accusation by a pathological liar, I understand the pain and suffering these people can cause. Investigations are entirely different than accusations (tattoos and scars are different things). A person or entity should have facts (not alternative ones) that prove the accusation. This comes from investigation. Trump's accusation required proof which he did not have before making the accusation. He could have directed the Justice Department to investigate first. He instead relied on something he heard on Fox TV (Fox has said they never made a specific accusation of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower). Subsequently, Trumps own Justice Department has investigated and found no proof.

The investigation into hacking by the Russians and Trump's possible involvement is a different issue. I agree that this has turned into a witch hunt. However, Trump's public request for Russia to hack into Hilliary's emails poured gasoline on the issue. He then created accusations of voter fraud he never proved. Subsequently,Trump fired one of his Cabinet members and a campaign manager regarding their connections to Russia. His Attorney General has recused himself from the investigation because he lied during Congressional hearings about his Russian connections. Still, at this point, it is just an investigation. Hopefully, you are correct that there is no proof for accusations to be made from the investigation.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Thus far, I really haven't seen anything substantive on anyone. There were four Russians busted for something but it wasn't clear what they did and I guess they must not have done much of they would have pilloried them on Rockefeller Plaza by now.

I see endless grandstanding but almost nothing for content.