Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the best pop song ever written | Oh, Really?

ABBA wasn't a huge hit at incipient Rockhouses in my life and I figured people mostly got off on them because they wanted to nail the girls and, seeing Frida, I see why.

But best pop song ever written?

Starts at +1:50

The Rockhouse doesn't have any opinion since it's kind of a ridiculous contest.

Best ever?

How about "I Don't Like Mondays" about a kid who got a rifle and was whacking other kids as they walked to school because, as she said when asked why by cops, "I don't like Mondays."

It's impossible to miss the festive goodness in that one.

Here's another one and who knows what the title means but no way to pass on it.

Frida ... that cat outfit ... well ...

They were good at it and they were a lot of fun but I still think it's mostly about nailing Frida.  There's just about every reason to move to Sweden you will ever need.

That doesn't take the Best Ever Pop Title away from them.  Dunno ... maybe it was.


Anonymous said...

ABBA was/is a definite contender. What were there sales 200M records

Anonymous said...

oops bad guess some estimates at 500M. or about 1 out of every 16 people

Peas InOurThyme said...

It seems they sold so many billions of records no-one is really sure but they sure won't be pitching pennies in their dotage.