Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 6/13


Groupthink - remarkable interest and most encouraging to see people considering such things

Sometimes - nothing blows it out better than 50 megaton rock and no-one does it better than Ozzy; this isn't the article containing the video but more clarity on the need to make the floor shake with it

What's Hot

News - definitely not your MSM news and short, blessedly short ... but ... with environmental news from Germany of a sort you may not expect

Overweight - I'm a long-time smoker and it's made me sick just as being fat will make people sick so we get that and the research was whether there's anything which really does work for losing weight and there is; there is no commercial consideration as they are not selling anything

It's Just - a bit confusing seeing the positive reception but I appreciate it and will continue; some will tank but that's ok when some don't - thanks

Why Does - the why of a songbird isn't tremendously cool but there's an extension to that which the Rockhouse loves

Remarkable - the BCG vacc is against tuberculosis but now advanced research (e.g. human trials) reveals strong against against Type I Diabetes and check out who was the P.I.

Megyn Kelly - people aren't giving her a chance and the Rockhouse is willin' since she's shown good sense with this so far and we're interested

Gregor Mendel - didn't turn out to be such a cracker but I still think the science is amusing since this is not at all an exercise in Genetics 101

The Rockhouse saturation prevention M.O. is the What's Hot for yesterday mustn't roll off the first page or there's too much yak and that's been the general plan for the last few days which has seemed to work well.  It's a good vibe since it's a drag to write things with a low likelihood of them being read.  This new tuning really seems to dial it so the plan is to keep it at this pace and general content which I don't feel is intended to attract anyone in particular; it's material which got some wheels turning.

Thanks as the vibe seems generally cool all over.

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