Tuesday, June 13, 2017

EXIT 2016 Live | George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic | #Cannabis Cup

The Rockhouse wants to hear some festival bands since we know they're not at all the show they're doing downtown.  This one pops from the first note but who else has been doing funk for so long.

As to why now

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will be there so it definitely looks like this will be one fine festival and heavily-infused with the incense from the finest ganja in the world.  The Dutchies had the title for a while but America is owning this one.

We hear there's some upset in Washington about this but we've been tokin' and jokin' for fifty years and there's always upset in Washington about the ganja.  There's a hard political shot at their misguided focus but we want the music and not the politics.

The Rockhouse confesses to zero knowledge of Wu Tang Clan and partly because that name became associated with Martin Shkreli, Big Pharma Boy, and I didn't want to have anything to do with music which gets him off.

Shkreli is just another biter in a tank full of piranha so it's about time to lose that fool and check out the band.

It's from your years back but no stoner could ever pass on this video.

Hip hop still isn't my favorite but it's going to be tough finding anything better for a party.  Wu Tang Clan doesn't want a war so anything after that we can probably work out ... as soon as I catch up to all they said.

That video is completely nuts.  Perfect.  The Great God Mescalito is pleased.

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